QBARS - v12n2 Three Plants of R. degronianum A. E. to be Sold

Three Plants of R. Degronianum A. E. to be Sold

R. degronianum A. E.
Fig. 24. R. degronianum A. E.

One of the plants of R. degronianum located at the Test Garden, Portland, Oregon, was given an Award of Excellence in 1956. This plant was pictured in color on the cover of our Quarterly Bulletin of July, 1956, and was described on page 138. This plant is the property of the American Rhododendron Society. The Test Garden committee has had three plants of it propagated from cuttings which are to be sold to the highest bidders. The proceeds will go to the Test Garden Fund for the maintenance of the garden. Please send your bids to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society, Portland, Oregon. They should be in by June 1, 1958. The three highest bidders will get the plants which are now two years old. Don't send money with your bids, just a sealed bid. You will be notified if your bid is high. The plants will be shipped in September, 1958.