QBARS - v12n4 Awards Given to Rhododendrons at Seattle Rhododendron Show

Awards Given to Rhododendrons at Seattle Rhododendron Show
Held at Bellevue, Washington, May 16, 1958

1. A. E. to a plant of 'Mrs. Donald Graham', shown by the late Endre Ostbo, Bellevue. This plant was 6 feet high and wide and bore 13 inflorescences of slightly fragrant, rich pink flowers, each up to 5 inches diameter.  This hybrid was described and illustrated in the A.R.S. "Quarterly Bulletin," Vol. 8, No. 4, p. 217, Fig. 39 (Oct. 1954), having received a P. A. June 20, 1954.

2. P. A. to 'Edward Dunn' ( R. neriiflorum x R. dichroanthum ) x R. discolor . Raised and exhibited by the late Endre Ostbo, Bellevue.  Leaves 6-7 inches long, 2-2 ¼ inches wide, acute at apex, usually broad cuneate at base.  Flowers borne in an open truss of 14-16; pedicels densely glandular, 1-2 inches long; calyx small, two upper lobes less than ¼ inch long, others smaller, sparsely glandular and gland-ciliate flowers widely funnel shaped, about 4 inches diameter, 5-7 lobed, tube 1-1½ ins. long, glandular on upper side only, throat buff yellow inside, extending outward along ridged center of lobes, margin pale pink, lobes rounded up to 1½ inches wide, 1¼ inches long; stamens 12, 1¼-1¾ inches long, filaments finely pubescent in lower ⅓-½, anthers brown, pollen profuse; style 1¾-2 inches long, green at tapered base, glandular in lower ⅔, up-curved near apex, stigma round, capitate, yellowish; ovary conical densely glandular.  This hybrid was previously mentioned in the "Bulletin," Vol. 11, No. 3, p. 134, (July 1957).

3. P. A. to seedling plant (subject to naming) of R. 'R. W. Dyke' x 'Mrs. Donald Graham'. Raised and shown by the late Endre Ostbo, Bellevue.  Young shoots well developed at time of flowering. Leaves lanceolate, dark green, of thick texture, 9 inches long, 2½ inches wide, acute and apiculate at apex, broad cuneate at base, prominently veined on both side, sunken above.  The single truss borne nine very slightly fragrant flowers, of firm texture, on thinly glandular pedicels 1½-1¾ inches long; corolla 6-7 lobed, pink, darker on outside of tube and striped white within between lobes, tube 1½ inches long but less than ½ inch wide at base, lobes about 1½ inches long, 1¼ inches wide, considerably reflexed; stamens 13, 1¼-1¾ inches long, filaments slender, pink, sparsely pubescent in lower ¼-⅓, anthers small, light brown, producing little pollen; style much longer than stamens, about 2¾ inches, slender, green in lower half, pinkish below capitate reddish stigma, slightly glandular at base only; ovary narrowly conical, 5/16 inch long, densely white glandular.

4. P.A. to 'Thelma' ( R. griersonianum x 'Armistice Day'). Raised and shown by Halfdan Lem, Seattle. A single truss of 17 flowers was exhibited. Leaves lanceolate, 6-7 ins. long, 2-2½ inches wide, yellow-green beneath with prominently raised veins, acute and apiculate at apex, broad cuneate at base. Flowers borne on densely glandular pedicels 1½-2 inches long, forming a well-filled, rounded truss; calyx only a rim, densely glandular; corolla funnel shaped, ten expanded to 3½ or 4 inches, of solid texture, 5-lobed, scentless, near Geranium Lake in color (HCC 20/1), the narrow tube ridged outside, three upper segments spotted with darker papillae on surface, lobes notched, 1¼ inches long, 1½ inches wide; stamens 10, filament colored like corolla, 1⅛-1¾ inches long, pubescent in lower half, anthers dark chocolate, style slightly longer, also colored reddish, almost glabrous excepting a few basal stellate hairs; stigma small, capitate; ovary conical, very densely covered by white glands and pubescence.

5. P. A. to 'Diane Titcomb' ('Marinus Koster' x 'Snow Queen'). Raised and exhibited by H. L. Larsen, Bridgeport Way, Tacoma, Washington. A sister seedling to 'Elizabeth Titcomb' and 'Julie Titcomb'. Leaves about 6 inches long, 2½ inches wide, rounded to broad cuneate at the base, acute and apiculate at apex.  Flowers, 16 in a compact conical truss, slightly fragrant, of stiff texture, held on 2 inch long glandular pedicels; bracteoles boat-shaped, 1½-1¾ inches long, rosy tinged, densely silky outside; sepals ovate-oblong, ⅜ inches, reddish on margins and slightly glandular at base; corolla lobes 1¾ inches long, 2 inches wide, white suffused blush pink, especially in bud and around crenulated margin, usually notched at tip, upper segment very slightly speckled dull red, base of throat crimson: stamens 15, 1-1½ inches long, held horizontally, pubescent in lower half; style glandular near base, stigma large, ridged, orange-yellow; ovary densely glandular

The judging committee included Mr. L. H. Bowen, Mr. Carl Fawcett, Mr. D. G. Graham, Mr. O. E. Holmdahl and Mr. B. O. Mulligan (chairman).

NOTE The clone of rhododendron 'Souldis' which has been propagated and distributed by the late Mr. Endre Ostbo, and which received a P.A. at Seattle, June 20, 1954, has now been named 'Endre Ostbo' to commemorate him. It is described in the A.R.S. Bulletin, Vol. S, No. 4, p. 216, (Oct. 1954).