QBARS - v12n4 International Registration

International Registration
By J. Harold Clarke

The American Rhododendron Society has been providing a registration service for American breeders, designed to help them avoid names which have been already used, or which are undesirable for one reason or another. The publishing of new names was to give our members information which they need, hence the registry should be of value to all concerned, the breeder, the nurseryman, and the gardener.

An International Registry has been set up with Dr. H. R. Fletcher, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh 3, Scotland, as Registrar. It has been the practice in the last couple of years for the A. R. S. Registrar to submit lists of proposed names to Dr. Fletcher for his approval before they were printed in the A. R. S. Registry. Such names, if acceptable, were thereby registered in the International, as well as the A. R. S., Registry.

Now the R. H. S. has established a fee of 2/6d. for each name registered The fee is not large, $0.35, and American breeders are urged to submit their names to the International Registry. Names submitted for the A. R. S. Registry will continue to be sent to Dr. Fletcher for his determination as to whether they are in accord with International Code of Nomenclature, but they will not be included in the international Registry unless accompanied by the fee.