QBARS - v12n4 Results of Eugene Chapter Show, May 4th, 1958

Results of Eugene Chapter Show
May 4th, 1958, Eugene, Oregon

Only 1st. place winners listed.
Class Name of Entry Winner
Alpines Arrangement of alpine blossoms Del James
s. irroratum elliottii Del James
s. falconeri galactinum Del James
s. neriiflorum haematodes Dr. Phetteplace
s. triflorum oreotrephes Del James
s. glaucophyllum glaucum Dr. Phetteplace
Red hybrid, orange- red 'Ivery's Scarlet' Dr. Thompson
Red hybrid, blue-red 'Jean Marie de Montague' Harold Greer
Red hybrid, blood- red 'David' Marshall Lyons
Red hybrid with prominent blotch 'Jean Marie de Montague' Mrs. Sam Mosher
Pink hybrid, blush pink Dr. Thompson
Pink hybrid, deep pink 'Corona' Mrs. Sam Mosher
Pink hybrid, with blotch 'Mrs. Furnival' Jack Simons
White hybrid 'Halcyone' Dr. Thompson
White hybrid tinged pink 'Loder's White' Dr. Phetteplace
White hybrid with blotch 'Snow Queen' Jack Simons
Blue hybrid 'Blue Peter' Harold Greer
Purple hybrid 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling' Harold Greer
Yellow hybrid 'Ole Olson' Dr. Thompson
Azaleodendron spray 'Broughtonii Aureum' Harold Greer
spray, evergreen 'Ward's Ruby' C. Gelhausen
Occidentale Hybrid 'Irene Koster' Dr. Phetteplace
Kurume 'Kurume' Mrs. Geo. Hitchcock
Indica 'Indica' Mrs. Geo. Hitchcock
Mollis 'Mollis' Merle Saunders
Hose-in-Hose 'Carol Gable' Marshall Lyons
Species, sprays calendulaceum Marshall Lyons
Exbury or Knap Hill 'Exbury' Marshall Lyons
Campylocarpum hybrid 'Mrs. Betty Robertson' Harold Greer
Naomi variety 'Naomi' Dr. Thompson
Cinnabarinum hybrid 'Lady Roseberry' Dr. Phetteplace
Griersonianum 'Biscuit Day Dream' Dr. Phetteplace

Single truss of fragrant var. - Dr. Phetteplace

Group of dwarf or semi-dwarf var. - Harold Greer

Plant or truss of  American Seedling never shown before at A.R.S. show - 'Norman Gill' (selfed)  - Del James

Any named or unnamed American hybrid not eligible in previous class - 'Norman Gill' seedling  - Del James

Best display of foliage - sinogrande - Del James

Phetteplace trophy awarded to best species plant or truss - elliottii , Del James

Register Guard trophy awarded to best plant in show, 'Idealist'

C. Gelhausen Allumbaugh trophy awarded to best truss in show - 'Beauty of Littleworth' - Dr. Phetteplace

Saunders trophy awarded for best entry coming from an original Barto plant or wood taken from same - calendulaceum - Marshall Lyons

KVAL-TV trophy awarded to best American hybrid not previously shown - 'Norman Gill' seedling - Del James

Dr. Phetteplace won the most points on awards.