QBARS - v12n4 Visit to the Norman Whittall Garden

Visit to the Norman Whittall Garden

On May 5th members were invited to view the gardens at Mr. Norman Whittall's Country estate at Whonnock, B.C. This estate situated on fairly high sloping land overlooking the Fraser River and valley for miles is a very lovely spot and seems to be ideal for rhododendrons. Although the plantings are new within the last few years the use of very large specimens varying in size give the effect of having been there always. Mr. Whittall has a very impressive collection of variety both hybrid and specie, Certainly the members enjoyed their afternoon and it was most interesting to see what can be done with landscaping using rhododendrons and azaleas massed to the greatest effect, The work of planting is still going on as there are thirty-five acres to be landscaped in all.  After seeing all over, tea was served and a vote of thanks goes to Mr. Whittall for a most enjoyable afternoon.