QBARS - v13n2 International Rhododendron Conference

International Rhododendron Conference
By J. Harold Clarke

May 1961 will see a very important event taking place in Portland, Oregon, according to action taken at a recent meeting of the A.R.S. Board of Directors. The occasion will be an International Rhododendron Conference, the first since 1949. That year the Royal Horticultural Society staged an International Conference in London, which was attended by several of our members.

The exact date has not yet been selected as it will depend somewhat on the availability of satisfactory meeting rooms, but it will probably be the second weekend in May. The Conference will be about two and a half days in length and will include papers on the scientific problems of Rhododendron nomenclature and culture as well as illustrated less technical talks of interest to any Rhododendron lover or general gardener. It is hoped to have three or four speakers from abroad as well as several from this country and Canada.

Other features of the Conference will be an enlarged Show, garden tours around Portland and to other areas in the Northwest, and possibly a banquet if suitable arrangements can be made.

Committees will be appointed shortly and members will be kept informed of progress by reports in the Bulletin. Suggestions are welcome, of course. In the meanwhile-make plans to be with us.