QBARS - v13n2 American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

It is proposed to print the names and brief description of new American varieties which meet the requirements for registration. The names must be accompanied by descriptions of the varieties and must meet the requirements of the International Registration Authority (Dr. H. R. Fletcher, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Registrar) before they are eligible for A.R.S. registry. Only clones will be registered, no group names. In the formula giving the parentage, the female parent is written first. We hope, whenever possible, to indicate the probable size of the bush at 10 years of age. Unless otherwise specified the person's name, following the cross, indicates the one who made the cross, did the selecting, and introduced, or plans to introduce, the variety.  Breeders are urged to submit proposed names to the Registrar of the A.R.S., Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash., before they are actually used. There are thousands of names already in use and a name to be registered must not have been used before and must meet the other requirements of the A.R.S. Code of Nomenclature.

'LaBars White' - A clone of R. catawbiense , or a natural hybrid found near Nallen, West Virginia about 1942. Introduced by LaBars' Rhododendron Nursery, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in 1958. Resembles R. catawbiense except that the flowers are white in bud, and white, with yellowish-green markings in the throat when open.

'Thelma' , P. A. - A clone of 'Darlene' grex R. griersonianum , 'Armistice Day,' raised by Halfdan Lem, Seattle, Washington. Leaves 6-7" long, 2-2½" wide. Flowers are densely glandular pedicels 1½-2" long forming a well filled truss. Corolla funnel shaped, to 4" wide, 5-lobed, near Geranium Lake in color (HCC 20/1).