QBARS - v13n2 Some Photographs from Dr. J. F. Rock

Some Photographs from Dr. J. F. Rock

The following six photographs sent from Hawaii by Dr. Rock to the late President of the Society, C. I. Sersanous, shortly before his death are from a group of twelve. The remaining six will be published in a forthcoming edition of the Society Bulletin. These rare photographs by Dr. Rock were taken in China in the early 1920's when he lived in China, and was collecting plants. Since the change of political governments in these areas, the photographs now represent a perhaps more interesting undertaking since without doubt many years will pass before Westerners will main be allowed here. The original packet with the following inscription in Dr. Rock's handwriting, "For the American Rhododendron Society Bulletin," contained no written story other than the captions as shown, but each picture will convey a lengthy message. The Society wishes to thank Dr. Rock for the use of the photos. - Editor

Rhododendron levistratum Rhododendron traillianum
Fig. 16 Fig. 18

Fig. 16. Rhododendron levistratum growing on the Mekong-Salween divide, elevation 12,000 feet.  Abies Delavayi in the background. October 1923.
Fig. 18. Rhododendron traillianum growing on the Li-chiang Snow Range, N.W. Yunnan. Elevation 11,500 feet. April 19, 1922. The age of the tree is 150 years.

Abies delavayi
Fig. 19

Fig. 19. Abies delavayi Franch.  Top Mekong ridge 11,800 feet between Tsao-chiang and Filnuy Ch'iao. March 19, 1923. Rhododendron Sp. R. 8068 in foreground.

J.F. Rock expedition Rhododendron rufum
Fig. 17 Fig. 20

Fig. 17. J. F. Rock and a few of his faithful Nashi boys near the summit of the Dakle La, Choni S.W. Kansu cutting a trail through the snow drifts. The rhododendrons were all buried in the snow.  The trail we made is still on the tops of rhododendron bushes of R. przewalskii . The snow was cut away with huge machetes by my Nahi boys and Tebbus from Yangpu, the Tebbu Village in Lower Tebbu land. Choni Principality March 1927.

Fig. 20. Rhododendron rufum , growing at 12,000 feet on the Kansee Min Shan, Northwest China in the Cho-ni principality.  May 1925.  The tree is over 150 years old