QBARS - v13n4 Gray's Harbor Chapter American Rhododendron Society Show

Grays Harbor Chapter A.R.S. Show

Grays Harbor second annual rhododendron show Saturday drew a crowd of visitors estimated at between 1,200 and 1,500. The lobby of the National Bank of Commerce in Aberdeen was transformed into a brilliantly colorful flower garden by the Grays Harbor chapter of the American Rhododendron society, sponsor of the show. Two long beds were laid out on either side of the lobby, the rear of which was used for other displays and the serving of refreshments.

Featured were numerous outstanding exhibits. Raymond Mann had an annual display of azaleas in shades ranging from pale yellow to deep bronze. A rhododendron, 'Butterfly', also was viewed with interest. John Baila displayed a white rhododendron grown from seed imported from England. A large, rose pink azalea, 'Lakme,' in the display from J. H. Haines gardens, was another attention getter as was the orbiculare rhododendrons from the same garden.

Notable Plants
From the Victor Lehto gardens were two colorful large plants, 'Elspeth' and a large specimen of one of the favorites, 'Bow Bells.' James Charles of Elma exhibited a fine 'Snow Queen' and a 'Bow Bells' as well as many other varieties. Mike Lentz of Aberdeen displayed a nice plant of 'Alice' along with a grouping of azaleas. From the William La Vance gardens in Elma came a conversation plant, 'Cup and Saucer,' a red rhododendron grown from seed by Robert Hessemer; a garden path scene and a new plant in his collection, 'Miss Pink.' Ed Maxey had an interesting planter exhibit of miniatures.

The show had numerous other displays and exhibits of cut trusses in many colors and varieties. Cut trusses from the Seattle arboretum drew considerable interest.

Business Assist
Refreshments were served through the courtesy of the National Bank of Commerce. Blagen's mill in Montesano furnished the lumber and the Weyerhaeuser mill the sawdust. Spotlighting was provided by the Hansen Furniture company of Hoquiam. <b/p>

The door prize, a large plant of 'R. J. H. Van Ness', was won by Earl C. Cummings, Aberdeen.

Mrs. J. H. Haines was general chairman, assisted by the entire membership. Mrs. Andrew Janzik and Miss Florence Bailey were in charge of the guest book.