QBARS - v13n4 A Visit to An Area of Native Rhododendrons - Vancouver, B.C.

A Visit to an Area of Native Rhododendrons - Vancouver, B.C.
Ellen M. Hailey

On June 20th members and their families met at mile 125 on the Hope-Princeton highway. After a picnic lunch they then drove to the summit of the highway from which point the whole of the surrounding territory can be seen. It is a most spectacular view with the whole slopes covered with the native Penstemon in full bloom. They then drove back to where the native rhododendron grows in profusion. This section is about a quarter of a mile long and R. macrophyllum grows all up the slopes on either side of the highway. Although this rhododendron is not outstanding by itself, in comparison to some of the others, en masse it is a very lovely sight in full bloom with its variations of lavender-pink shades and yellow-green foliage. Here everyone spent the afternoon wandering about, some took pictures, one painted trusses, a few collected seed and the odd seedling. Certainly the day was enjoyed by all down to the smallest child.