QBARS - v13n4 The International Rhododendron Conference

The International Rhododendron Conference

Plans are beginning to take shape for the International Rhododendron Conference, scheduled for Portland, Oregon, May 12-14, 1961. The program will feature presentation of papers by outstanding rhododendron personalities from abroad. There will also be talks by members of the American Rhododendron Society on a variety of topics. It is planned that some of the talks will be somewhat technical in nature, and designed to add to our total knowledge of the genus Rhododendron .

Other talks will be of a popular nature suggesting the latest ideas on culture, varieties, breeding, propagation, and other related topics. Then there will be showings of slides designed to give enjoyment and entertainment primarily, but helping to acquaint the public with the plant material now available in this country.

There are plans for a rather comprehensive Show. It is hoped that garden tours will enable the visitors to see outstanding gardens in Portland and other parts of the Northwest.

The make-up of the various committees working on the Conference is given elsewhere in this issue of the Bulletin.

American Rhododendron Society members, from Chapters all over the country, are asked to set aside these dates for a visit to Portland and the Conference, if at all possible. The National Test Garden in Portland should be at its best at that time.

Additional information concerning the development of the program, and the details of the Conference, will be given from time to time in the Bulletin.