QBARS - v13n4 American Rhododendron Society Slide Library

ARS Slide Library

Over the past several years the Society Slide Library has steadily grown due to the generosity of our members who have donated their slides for this purpose. Chapters desiring use of these slides should send their requests to the National Secretary preferably a month to six weeks in advance of their designated time. A small rental charge of $1.00 will be made on all loans. The following collections are now available for loan:

  • Hybrids, medium and large growing
  • Hybrids, dwarf varieties
  • Species, medium and tall growing
  • Species, dwarf
  • Foliage, excellent collection showing leaf indumentum
  • Azaleas, native species
  • Azaleas, evergreen
  • National Test Garden, limited number
  • Tender varieties
  • Unnamed crosses, Eastern varieties