QBARS - v14n1 Cover Article

Cover Article
Rudolph Henny

The illustration on the cover of the Bulletin shows a number of rhododendrons growing in the Society Test Garden at Crystal Springs. The tall plant directly in the center of the picture is R. 'Mrs. G. W. Leak', others in the foreground are R. 'Mrs. C. B. Van Ness'. In these dreary dark days during January the blooming season seems remote and distant, but in six weeks the garden will again burst forth with the bloom of the earliest species and hybrids. Gardeners during the early fall related a scarcity of bloom buds for the coming season, and the reports from as far away as Seattle and Tacoma seemed to bear out this condition. During the holidays just passed I had occasion to visit for a very short time the Society Garden, and noticed that the bloom bud set was as heavy as any I had ever seen.