QBARS - v14n1 Awards Made By A.R.S. in 1959

Awards Made By A.R.S. In 1959

The following awards were made by the A.R.S. during 1959. For descriptions see the A.R.S. Registry.

At the Seattle Chapter Show

'Wizard' A. E.

'Maricee' A. E.

Subject to naming a P. A. was granted to an unnamed seedling raised by the late Endre Ostbo, Bellevue, Washington.

At the Tacoma Chapter Show

'Cutie' P. A.

'Alice Franklin' P. A.

By the awards committee of the Philadelphia Chapter

Two varieties already listed in the International Register:

'Atroflo' A. E. - 'Atrosanguineum' x R. floccigerum raised by Joseph Gable, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. Plant tall, moderately spreading, leaves 7¾ in by 2 in., light buff indumentum. Flowers rose madder 23/1 shading into neyron rose 623/1, open funnel shaped, to 4 in. across, early to mid-May. Truss flat, full, 12 to 15 flowers. Probable hardiness H-2.

'Cadis' A. E . - 'Caroline' x R. discolor , raised by Joseph Gable, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. Plant 20 ft. high. Flowers rose pink 427/2, fragrant, ruffled, to 5¼ in. across. Blooms mid to late May. Leaves 2¾ in. long, 1¾ in. wide. Trusses rounded, 9 to 11 flowers. Probable hardiness H-2.