QBARS - v14n1 Results of the Tenth Annual Rhododendron Show Seattle, Washington

Results of the Tenth Annual Rhododendron Show
Seattle, Wa.

Staged by Seattle Chapter, American Rhododendron Society

Co-sponsored by the Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Show Committee:

Chairman: Mrs. Ralph Jacobson

Staging: William Griswold

Exhibitors: Professional: Arthur Dome

Amateurs: Mrs. Albert Brauss, Mrs. Hoyt Barneby

Sponsors: Arthur Luther, Arthur Dome, Ralph Jacobson

Judges & Awards: Harry Madison

Receiving & Classification: Mrs. Page Ballard

Education: Harry Davidson

Information: Mrs. Melvin Love

Publicity: Miss Elizabeth Landsdowne

Gift Plants: E. A. Anderson, Donald McClure

Program: Mrs. Jay DeFriel

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Show Committee Chairman: Neil Christensen The show was held May 21st through 24th at the Pavilion in the Bellevue Shopping Square. Hours were 10:00 A. M. until 9:00 P.M. There was no admission charge and the program, a single sheet, twice folded, was free.

Our distinguished judges were Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Ph. D., David G. Leach, Robert Bovee, H. L. Larson, Carl P. Fawcett, Charles L. Edmunds, and Edward Dunn. They were honor guests at luncheon at the Crabapple after the judging, hosted by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

Our educational display received a great deal of attention. Two large posters, beautifully executed, showed methods of propagating rhododendrons by grafting, layering, and air-layering.

Society members dispensed programs, information and a free rhododendron plant to each person joining the Society during the show.

Through the Chamber of Commerce, five Bellevue service clubs took over the all-night patrolling of the Pavilion and the Sacred Heart Church loaned us tables and chairs.

Two special events in connection with the show this year were a dinner at the Village Inn in Bellevue attended by officers and directors of the Seattle Society, show judges, and officers and members of the Tacoma Chapter in honor of David G. Leach and a special meeting in the Bellevue Elementary School. This meeting was planned jointly by the Tacoma and Seattle Chapters for Mr. Leach's address on Native Eastern Azaleas. The show award ceremony preceded the lecture. President Ralph Jacobson announced each winner in turn and the cups were presented by Harry Madison, Dr. J. Harold Clarke, David Leach, and Jay DeFriel of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. There were over two hundred members in attendance at this meeting.

Collectors of the rare will be interested in a new Campylogynum seedling grown by Mr. and Mrs. James Caperci (Rainier Mountain Alpine Gardens), which they exhibited and officially named "Patricia" at the show, by approval of the Plant Awards Committee.

The eleven commercial exhibits and one courtesy exhibit by the University of Washington Arboretum were laid out in island plantings as they have been the last two years. Sawdust, donated by the Bellevue Square Merchants, protected the root balls and was held by aluminum edging.

The general consensus was that this was the most beautiful show the Seattle Society has staged at Bellevue, which is a tribute to the exhibitors. They are not content merely with the display of plants, but are continually improving their design of allotted spaces, whether large or small. The combination of beautiful rhododendrons and companion plants and well designed plots increases the beauty of the show and the educational value to the public in indicating both the available material for garden color at a specific time of the year and how it may be arranged for best effects.

It is interesting to note that in Sections B and C forty-two exhibitors entered thirty-four specimen plants and two hundred forty-three trusses.

Homestead Nursery Exhibit at the Seattle Chapter Show
Fig. 4.  The Homestead Nursery Exhibit at the Seattle Chapter Show
Davis photo

Awards as follows:

Section A.

Class 1 -200 sq. ft. or over.

1st.-Homestead Nursery & Landscaping, Redmond (Fig. 4)

2nd-Rhod-A-Zalea Gardens, Snohomish

3rd-P-X Sooper Nursery, Bellevue

H. M.-King of Shrubs Nursery, Bellevue

Class 2 -Under 200 sq. ft.

1st.-E. Perrine, Landscape Architect & Contractor, Kirkland (Fig. 5)

E. Perrine display at the Seattle Chapter show.
Fig.  5.  the display exhibited by E. Perrine at the Seattle Chapter show featured
R. 'Queen Mary', 'Eureka Maid', White Squall', Acer circinatum , Acer palmatum ,
weeping Koster blue spruce, variegated hosta and varieties of semperivum.

2nd-Renton's Seven Firs Nursery, North Bend

3rd-Pacific Northwest Nursery, Bellevue

H. M.-Hopkins Nursery, Bothell

The Frederick & Nelson Perpetual Trophy for Best Landscape Display awarded to Homestead Nursery.

Special Awards of yellow rosette ribbons to University of Washington Arboretum and the Educational Display for non-competitive exhibits.

Section B. Specimen Plants (Classes 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 11: either no awards or no entries)

Class 4 Hybrids exceeding 3 ft. in normal habit.

1st.-Mrs. James Madison - 'Souvenir of 'W. C. Slocock'

2nd-Ralph Jacobson - 'Corona'

3rd-Dr. & Mrs. John Shiach - 'Mrs. Furnival'

Class 6 . Azalea species

1st-Mrs. William Culliton - R. obtusum var. japonicum

2nd-Edwin Arntsen - 'Seikedera'

Class 7 . Named variety hybrid in Series Azalea.

1st-Mrs. E. L. Irvine - 'Guy Yerkes'

3rd-Mrs. William Culliton - 'Roseflora'

Class 8 . Named variety hybrid of Azaleodendron.

2nd-H. L. Larson - 'Torlonianum'

Seattle Trust & Savings Bank Perpetual Trophy for Best Plant in Show awarded to R. D. Leamer's Rhod-A-Zalea Gardens for R. 'Albert' in their exhibit. - Runners-up were Mrs. James Mason's 'Souvenir of W. C. Slocock' and Ralph Jacobson's 'Corona'.

Class 9 . Hybrid seedling not previously exhibited, result of cross made in State of Washington. Parentage to be stated.

1st-Halfdan Lem - R. catawbiense alba x 'Fabia' This plant won the Seattle Rhododendron Society's Cup for best flowering seedling.

Section C. Cut blooms. (Either no awards or no entries in Classes 12, 19, 30).

Class 13. One spray of any species in Series Cinnabarinum or hybrid thereof

3rd-Donald Graham - R. cinnabarinum var. roylei

Class 14. One spray of any species in Series Triflorum.

1st.-Mrs. James Madison - R. yunnanense

3rd-Melvin Love - R. oreotrephes

Class 15. One truss of R. Loderi or any form of it.

2nd-Mrs. John Shiach - 'King George'

Class 16. One truss of a cream-colored rhododendron.

3rd.-Mr. & Mrs. William Calvert 'Ole Olson'

Class 17. One truss of any yellow rhododendron.

1st-Mr. & Mrs. William Calvert 'Butterfly'

2nd-Donald Graham - 'Zuyder Zee'

3rd-Mr. & Mrs. William Calvert - 'Betty Robertson'

Class 18 . One truss of any pink rhododendron.

1st-Mrs. James Madison - 'Alice'

2nd-Donald Graham - 'Lady Bligh'

3rd-Mrs. Paul Kundahl - 'Lady Stuart of Wortley'

Class 20. One truss of any red rhododendron.

1st-Mrs. E. L. Irvine - 'Trilby'

2nd-Mrs. Charles Sully - 'Black Beauty'

3rd-Mrs. William H. Hagen - 'Jean Marie de Montague'

Class 21. One truss of any white rhododendron.

1st-Mrs. William T. Patten - 'Mother of Pearl'

2nd-Edwin Arntsen - 'Helene Schiffner'

3rd-Donald Graham - 'White Swan'

Class 22. One truss or spray of a salmon, orange, or apricot rhododendron.

2nd-Donald Graham - 'Mrs. W. C. Slocock'

3rd-Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Bledsoe - 'Pearce's Golden Jubilee'

Class 23. One truss of any mauve, lavender, or purple rhododendron.

1st-Mrs. Albert Brauss - 'Blue Peter'

2nd-Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Bledsoe - 'Purple Splendor'

3rd-Walt Hartman-'Countess of Athlone'

Class 24. One truss of any pink or white hybrid with blotch.

1st-Mrs. William T. Patten -  'Mrs. Furnival'

2nd-Mrs. Stephen Anderson - 'Mrs. Furnival'

Class 25. One truss of an azaleodendron.

1st-Arthur Dome - 'Broughtonii Aureum'

2nd-Donald Graham - 'Broughtonii Aureum'

3rd-Mrs. William Culliton -' Broughtonii Aureum'

Class 26. One truss or spray of any species in Series Azalea.

1st-Mrs. William T. Patten - R. ledifolia alba

2nd-Mrs. William Culliton - R. luteum

3rd-Mrs. Linley Janzen - R. vaseyi

Class 27. One truss or spray of any deciduous azalea hybrid form.

1st-Donald Graham - 'Percil'

2nd-Ralph Jacobson - Mollis hybrid

3rd-Lilliam Randall -  'Speciosum coccinea'

Class 28. One truss or spray of any evergreen azalea hybrid.

1st-Mrs. Charles Sully - 'Louise Gable'

2nd-Mrs. E. L. Irvine - 'Guy Yerkes'

3rd-Melvin Love - 'Red Bird'

Class 29. One truss of any new hybrid rhododendron raised from seed by exhibitor, parentage to be stated. (Open)

1st-Owen Ostbo - 'Lilly No. 3' ('Alice' x auriculatum ) x 'Mrs. Donald Graham'

Class. 31. One truss or spray of any unidentified rhododendron hybrid or species. (Open). Not eligible for Best Truss in Show.

1st-Mrs. William H. Hagen

2nd-Mrs. Perry Boyer

3rd-Albert F. Hull

Class 32. One truss of any species of rhododendron not classified elsewhere.

1st.-Mark Collarino - R. trichostomum radinum

2nd.-H. L. Larson - R. catawbiense

3rd-Mrs. Charles Sully - R. macrophyllum

The Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Trophy for Best Truss in Show awarded to: Mrs. James Madison for 'Alice'

Best Professional truss in show: Blue Rosette Ribbon awarded to: Owen Ostbo for 'Lilly No. 3'