QBARS - v14n4 Results of the 16th Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show

Results of the 16th Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show
Winifred Corbin

This year the arrangements for the annual Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show were made to stimulate public interest in the exceptionally fine display staged May 7 and 8 at the Rhododendron Test Gardens.

Chairman and Co-Chairman, Dr. Wm. L. Corbin and Donald L. Patrick of the Show Committee were assisted by Mrs. Louis Grothaus, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hansen, George Grace, Mrs. Oscar Neet, and A. W. Kraxberger.

Judging of the cut truss section took place at noon Saturday. There were 861 entrees, 44 exhibitors (including ten non-members). Our distinguished judges were: Mrs. Del James, Mrs. Robert Bovee, Mrs. A. C. U. Berry, Cecil Smith, William Robinson, Howard Slonecker, W. P. Riddlesbarger, George Grace, Oscar Neet, Ben Lancaster, Earl Peterson, Dr. Aarne Lindgren, C. T. Hansen, Rudolph Henny, Carl Fawcett, and John Henny.

Awards as follows:

  1. Portland Chapter President's Cup presented for Finest Truss in Show R. 'Cotton Candy' John Henny
  2. Dr. Corbin Cup awarded on points Robert Bovee
  3. Pacific First Federal Cup awarded for Best Flower Club arrangement Glen Fair Garden Club
  4. Dr. Goodman Cup awarded for Best New American Hybrid Cecil Smith
  5. Governor Hatfield Cup awarded for Best Red Truss Robert Bovee
  6. Patty Corbin Cup awarded for Best Group of 3 Repens Hybrids A. W. Kraxberger
  7. John Henny Cup awarded for Best Truss of a Naomi Variety Robert Bovee
  8. Frank L. McGuire Cup awarded for Best Novice Entry James McDonald
  9. Portland Federal Savings and Loan Cup awarded for Best Truss of a R. 'Loderi' variety R. 'Venus' George Grace
  10. Portland Chapter Cup awarded for Best Truss of a Species R. fortunei Howard Slonecker
  11. Shipley and Co. Cup awarded for Best Spray of a Species R. oreotrephes Robert Bovee
  12. Tru-Mix Concrete Cup awarded for Outstanding Cooperation Rocco Cappelli
  13. Portland Chapter Plaque awarded for Best Commercial Exhibit 7 Dees Nursery
  14. Portland Chapter Cup awarded for Best Truss of R. 'Van Nes Sensation' John Henny

The Garden Club Flower arrangements were expertly judged by Mrs. Fred Sperr, Mrs. Albert N. Combs, and Mrs. Wesley Foumal. The following awards were given: Rhododendron Arrangements: First Place to the Columbian Garden Club, Second to the Eastmoreland Garden Club. Third to the Wayside Garden Club. Azalea Arrangements: First Place to the Glenfair Garden Club. Second to the Circle Gardeners, Third to the Raleigh Garden Club, Rhododendron and Azalea Arrangements: First place, no award; Second, no award; Third, Portland Garden Club.

This year the Commercial Exhibitors by skillful planting created a natural woodland effect which gave the impression of having been in the garden many years. Most noteworthy was the exhibit of the Seven Dees Nurseries. Other nurseries with admirable displays were the Rocco Capelli and Esch Nurseries.

We hope in the future the pleasure the Rhododendron Show and the Rhododendron Island Garden has given many of us, can be extended each year to more Portlanders as well as visitors from other areas.