QBARS - v14n4 Tacoma Chapter A.R.S. Show

Tacoma Chapter A.R.S. Show

The Tacoma Chapter's 11th annual show was held May 14 and 15 in the spacious lobby of the Bank of California. It was one of the best shows we have ever had. The success of our show was due to the fine cooperation of our membership and to the nurserymen who displayed with us, also to the time spent by Mr. Ted Van Fossen of the Bank of California. The judges were Bruce Leber, Donald McClure and Mark Collarino.

1. Best Hybrid Seedling not shown before 16. Best White
Won by I. S. Broxon 1. Fredda Baker, R. seedling
2. Best Hybrid over 3 ft . 2. Bill Vinson, R. 'Sappho'
1. H. L. Larson, R. 'Goldsworth Yellow' 3. Russ Coovert, R. 'Queen of the May'
2. Ted Fawcett, R. 'Butterfly' 17. Best Orange
3. I. S. Broxon, R. 'Jean Marie Montague' 1. Carl Fawcett, R. 'CIS'
3. Best Specimen Hybrid under 3 ft. 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Little Pudding'
1. Ted Van Fossen R. 'Armistice Day' 3. George Pease, R. 'Nereid'
2. Elwood Budil, R. 'Bow Bells' 18. Best Dwarf Red
3. Elwood Budil, R. 'Harvest Moon' 1. Geo. Pease, R. venator x 'Grosclaude'
4. Best Specimen Dwarf Hybrid or Species 2. Carl Fawcett, Ostbo's Red No. 3 x 'Elizabeth'
1. Elwood Budil, R. 'Elizabeth' 3. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Elizabeth'
2. H. L. Larson, R. 'Radium' 19. Best Dwarf Pink
3. George W. Pease, R. trichostomum var. lediodes 1. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Adrastia'
5. Best Specimen Species over 3 ft. 2. Geo. Pease, R. 'Jock'
I. S. Broxon, R. decorum 20. Best Dwarf Blue Purple
6. Best specimen species under 3 ft. 1. Geo. Pease, R. glomerulatum
1. H. L. Larson, R. yunnanense 2. Geo. Pease, R. saluenense
7. Best True Dwarf 3. Geo. Pease, R. drumonium
1. George Pease, R. cremastum 21. Best Dwarf Yellow
2. George Pease, R. myrtilloides 1. Geo. Pease, R. lepidotum var. elaganoides
3. George Pease, R. radicans 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Carlene'
8. Best Evergreen Azalea 22. Best Dwarf White
1. Vern Wood, R. 'Herbert Gable' 1. Carl Skoog, R. ledoides
2. H. L. Larson, R. mucronatum album 23. Best Dwarf Orange
3. Vern Wood, R. 'James Gable' 1. Ted Fawcett, R. 'Fabia'
9. Best Decidious Azalea 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Medusa'
1. Chris. Troseth, R. Exbury Seedling. 24. Best Azaleodendron
2. Darrell Kammer, R. 'George Reynolds' 1. Russ Coovert, R. 'Broughtonii Aureum'
3. Darrell Kammer, R. 'Norma' 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Dr. Masters'
10. Best Plant of Show 25. Best Knaphill (Exbury)
H. L. Larson, Trophy, R. 'Goldsworth Yellow' 1. Ellis Green, R. 'Basilisk'
11. Best Commercial Display - Elwood Budil, Trophy 2. Ellis Green, R. 'Pink Delight'
TRUSSES 3. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Princess Royal'
12. Best Red 26. Best Knaphill Seedling
1. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Vulcan' 1. Russ Coovert
2. Chris Troseth, R. 'J. H. Van Nes' 2. Carl Fawcett
3. Bill Vinson, Rh. 'Jean Marie De Montague' 3. Russ Coovert
13. Best Pink 27. Best Deciduous Spray
1. Bill Vinson, R. 'Cynthia' 1. Rosa Peterson, R. 'Freya'
2. Carl Skoog, R. 'Mrs. E. C. Stirling' 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Phoebe'
3. M. T. Grubisa, R. 'Mrs. Furnival' 3. Carl Skoog, R. mucronatum alba
14. Best Blue Purple 28. Best Evergreen Spray
1. Chris Troseth, R. 'Blue Peter' 1. Russ Coovert, R. 'Purple Splendour'
2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Blue Peter' 2. Carl Fawcett, R. 'Wards Ruby'
3. A. E. Turner, R. 'Blue Peter' 3. A. E. Turner, R. mucronatum alba
15. Best Yellow 29. Best Truss in Show
1. Carl Fawcett, R. wardii Carl Fawcett, R. 'Vulcan'
2. Carl Skoog, R. 'Mrs. Betty Robertson'