QBARS - v15n4 Results of the Second Annual Great Lakes Chapter Rhododendron Show

Results of the Second Annual Great Lakes Chapter Rhododendron Show
Cleveland, Ohio

The second annual Rhododendron Show of the Great Lakes Chapter was held at the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, on May 27th and May 28th with Paul Bosley, Sr. and Peter Girard, Sr. as co-chairmen.

The session was approximately two weeks late at the time of the show, the most abnormal in the memory of any of the professional nurserymen who make up a large part of the Chapter's membership, and it was at first feared that it would be impossible to stage a creditable display. Further, the 1961 season followed the coldest winter in this region since the 1880's.

The loyal support of the Chapter's members resulted in a remarkably good show, filling the large exhibition rooms of the Garden Center with color from Rhododendrons and Azaleas which may never again still be in bloom on the usual show dates at the end of May. Even R. schlippenbachii , the earliest deciduous Azalea successful in this climate, was shown. Perhaps still more remarkable, hybrids of R. mucronulatum and of racemosum were exhibited. The midseason cultivars which would ordinarily constitute 90% of the entries were almost entirely missing. Class 1, Catawba Hybrids in Commerce, which would normally be the largest single class in the show with hundreds of exhibits, had less than a dozen. Class 2, Catawbiense hybrid Seedlings Not in Commerce, which last year attracted 70 entries, this year had about a half dozen.

In lieu of the material usually seen Judges O. S. Pride, Lewis Lipp and Kathryn Loesch were presented with large numbers of Azaleas and of scaly leaved Rhododendrons to consider in making awards. The deep carmine Rh. 'General Eisenhower', a Dutch hybrid, won for Dr. Louis Martin the First President's Sterling Award for Best in Show. Rh. 'Lavender Lady', exhibited by its creator, Mr. A. M. Shammarello, easily bested its competition for the cup for the best R. catawbiense hybrid in commerce, and Paul Bosley, Sr., won the cup for the best Catawba hybrid not in commerce with an imposing pink Dexter hybrid, No. BD 1016.

The numerous entries of a new exhibitor, Mr. Ernest Stanton, owner of Westcroft Gardens at Grosse Ile, Michigan attracted much attention from both Chapter members and from the both Azaleas and Rhododendrons, won public. Mr. Stanton, a hybridizer of first, second and third in the important Class 31, New Hybrid Seedlings Exhibited by the Breeder, and received numerous awards in other classes.

Mr. E. Stroombeek managed the gardens and arrangements of B&B blooming plants. Dr. Lewis Martin supervised the classification of entries for the show. Mr. Frank A. Meyers, with the assistance of Mrs. Lewis Lipp and Mrs. Woods King, arranged the tours by bus of outstanding gardens in the Cleveland region and scheduled other activities throughout the clay with an efficiency and precision which delighted our members. Miss Viola Briner and Mr. Ashley Norcross of the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland handled the publicity for the show and contributed their advice and time in other ways to insure its success.

1. Standard "iron clad" catawbiense hybrids in commerce.
a. 'Catawbiense Album' -
b. Any other White -
c. Pink -
d. 'Roseum Elegans' -
e. Lavender -
f. Purple -
g. 'America'
1st-Paul Bosley
h. 'Dr. Dresselhuys' -
i. 'Nova Zembla' -
j. Any other red
1st-Mrs. R. S. Scott, 'Van Weerden Poehlman'
2nd-Frank Myers
k. Any other color -
2. Catawbiense hybrid seedlings not in commerce .
1st-David Leach, 'Catawbiense Album' X yakushimanum
2nd-David Leach, 'Catawbiense Album' X vernicosum
3rd-Tony Schammarello, #B 20 R 4th-Wm. Fueger
3. Caucasicum hybrids, including hybrids of 'Cunningham's White' & 'Boule de Neige'.
1st-Tony Shammarello, Hybrid
2nd-Tony Shammarello, A-8-R
3rd-Tony Shammarello, C-27-P
4. Fortunei series hybrids of discolor, decorum, etc., any color.
1st-B. F. Ailes, 'Hasson'
2nd-B. F. Ailes, 'Mrs. Furnival'
3rd-Frank Myers, fortunei hybrid
4th-B. F. Ailes, 'Mars'
5. Smirnowii hybrids.
1st-Frank Myers
2nd-Frank Myers
3rd-Frank Myers 4th-Frank Myers
6. Maximum hybrids
No entries
7. Dexter hybrids, named or unnamed.
1st-Paul Bosley, #BD 1009
2nd-Paul Bosley, 'Lavender Princess'
3rd-Paul Bosley, #BD 1016
8. Scaly-leaved hybrids, including carolinianum and mucronulatum hybrids.
1st--David Leach, 'Marguerite'
2nd-R. O. Bartoo
3rd-Ernest Stanton, 'Windbeam'
9. Any hybrids not included in classes 1 through 8.
1st-Dr. Louis Martin, 'Hasson'
2nd-Dr. Louis Martin, 'General Eisenhower'
3rd-Ernest Stanton, 'Goldfort'
3rd-Peter Girard, 'Blue Peter'
10. Species of the Ponticum series.
No entries
11. Species of the Fortunei series.
3rd-Tony Shammarello, fortunei
12. Scaly leaved species.
1st-Frank Myers, carolinianum
2nd-Frank Myers, carolinianum
3rd-David Leach, carolinianum
13. Any species not included in classes 10 through 12.
1st-Marbarju Gardens, racemosum
14. Ghent Azalea hybrids, named or new seedlings, including double (Rustica) forms
1st-Paul Bosley, 'Aida'
2nd-Paul Bosley, 'Norma'
3rd-Paul Bosley, 'Byron'
15. Exbury, Knap Hill, Ilam and Embley hybrids, named or seedlings.
1st-Musser Forests, Exbury hybrid seedling, unnamed
2nd-Paul Bosley, Exbury hybrid, seedling, unnamed
3rd-C. D. Withrow, Hybrid seedling
16. Mollis Azalea hybrids, named or seedlings.
1st-Frank Myers, Mollis hybrid seedling, unnamed
1st-O. S. Pride, White Mollis hybrid seedling, unnamed
2nd-Peter Girard, Mrs. 'Peter Koster'
3rd-Wm. Fetterhoff, 'Directeur Moerlands'
17. Occidentale Hybrid Azaleas (Exquisita, Grociosa, Magnifica, etc.)
No entries
18. Any deciduous Azalea hybrids not included in classes 14 through 17.
1st-Ernest Stanton, 'Erie Sunset'
2nd-Ernest Stanton, 'Lake St. Clair'
3rd-Paul Bosley, 'Altaclarense'
19. Native deciduous Azalea species (roseum, nudiflorum, calendulaceum, etc.)
No entries
20. Deciduous Azalea species not included in class 19.
1st-David Leach, schlippenbachii
2nd-David Leach, schlippenbachii
3rd-David Leach, schlippenbachii
21. Persistent-leaved Azaleas, Japanese and Kurume hybrids, named or unnamed excluding greenhouse forcing Azaleas.
a. White
1st-Peter Girard, 'Donna'
2nd-C. E. Hughes, Ledifolia alba
3rd-E. Schmidt, 'Wilhelmina Vuyk'
b. Pink
1st-Frank Myers, 'Little Beauty'
2nd-O S. Pride, 'Eureka'
3rd-Dr. Louis Martin, 'Fedora'
c. Purple
1st-E. Schmidt, Unnamed hybrid seedling
2nd-E. Schmidt, 'Corsage'
3rd-E. Schmidt, 'Sherwood Orchid'
d. Red
1st-Frank Myers, 'Hino-crimson'
2nd-Frank Myers, 'Hino-crimson'
3rd-Frank Myers, 'Hinodegiri'
22. Persistant-leaved Azaleas, poukanense hybrids
1st-Tony Shammarello, 'Desiree'
2nd-Frank Myers, 'Christine'
3rd-Peter Girard, 'Lavendula'
23. Gable persistant-leaved Azalea hybrids.
1st-Mrs. R. S. Scott, 'Louise Gable'
2nd-Marbarju Gardens, 'Stewartstonian'
3rd-Wm. Fetterhoff, 'Royalty'
24. Glenn Dale persistant-leaved Azalea hybrids.
lst-Wm. Fueger, Glenn Dale hybrid, unnamed
2nd-Wm. Fueger, Glenn Dale hybrid, unnamed
3rd-Wm. Fueger, Glenn Dale hybrid, unnamed
25. Persistant-leaved Azalea species of the Obtusum Subseries.
2nd-Mrs. R. S. Scott, obtusum
3rd-Frank Myers, kaempferi
26. Named Rhododendron hybrids in commerce.
a. Less than 3' earth ball
1st-Tony Shammarello, 'Spring Parade'
2nd-Tony Shammarello, 'Holden'
3rd-Tony Shammarello, 'Rocket'
b. More than 3' including earth ball.
1st-Tony Shammarello, 'Lavender Lady'
2nd-Ernest Stanton, 'Blue Peter'
27. Unnamed or numbered Rhododendron hybrids.
a. Less than 3' including earth ball
1st-Tony Shammarello, B-31-R
b. More than 3' including earth ball
1st-Tony Shammarello, B-20-R
1st-Tony Shammarello, R. unnamed
28. All Rhododendron species.
a. Less than 3' including earth ball
No entries
b. More than 3' including earth ball
1st-Paul Bosley, carolinianum
29. Azaleas, deciduous.
a. 6 inches to 18 inches
lst-Musser Forests, 'Dr. Oosthoek'
2nd-Musser Forests, Exbury hybrid seedling, unnamed
3rd-Musser Forests, Exbury hybrid seedling, unnamed
b. 18 inches and up
1st-Tony Shammarello, Mollis hybrid seedling, unnamed
1st-Tony Shammarello, 'Red King'
2nd, Tony Shammarello, Yellow mollis seedling, unnamed
3rd-Carl Gullo, Freya
30. Azalea, persistant-leaved (evergreen) a. 6 inches to 18 inches
1st-Peter Girard, Lavendula
2nd-Musser Forests, Herbert
3rd-Peter Girard, Violetta
31. New hybrid seedling (Rhododendron or Azalea) exhibited by breeder
and never before shown. Special trophy to be awarded by judges,
also recommendation for A.R.S. "P. A"
1st-Ernest Stanton, 'Lake Erie'
2nd-Ernest Stanton, 'Myrtleleaf'
3rd-Ernest Stanton, 'Lake Michigan'