QBARS - v16n2 Cover Article

Cover Article
Rudolph Henny

The plant illustrated on the cover of the Bulletin is R. barbatum . This fine large specimen is being grown in garden of Dr. Carl Phetteplace, and is one of the plants originally from the Barto Garden. This species many times blooms in early March, and always makes a bright showing, and if planted with R. strigillosum that blooms at much the same time one can expect a splash of color that is immensely effective. If, as in the garden of Dr. Phetteplace there is a dark green conifer background the over all effect is still more enhanced. Sad to relate, of the many plants of R. barbatum grown by Barto very few are found in gardens today. The freeze of 1950 was just too cold, and only the most sheltered spots still have this fine plant, though in recent years plants have again been propagated by nurserymen to replace those lost. The person in the left foreground is Mr. Ben Lancaster who was visiting the garden at the time. The photograph was loaned to the Society by Del James.