QBARS - v16n2 The American Rhododendron Society Welcomes Two New Chapters

The A.R.S. Welcomes Two New Chapters

The Midwest Chapter was organized on February 14 by a group of enthusiastic rhododendron members at Aurora, Ill. A need for this chapter is expertly given in the following excerpt from a letter received from Mr. Dale McCurdy who is now president of the Midwest Chapter.

"Many of us who have devoted a great deal of time and energy in trying successfully to grow rhododendrons and azaleas in this most trying of climates, have often discussed the advantages that would accrue, if somehow we could pool all the knowledge that has been gained in this area in growing these plants. Much of the contemporary knowledge and especially that concerning hardiness, is not applicable in our area, (the westward or windward side of The Great Lakes). In fact, a very large climatic differential exists between our area and those areas in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, where so much progress has been made, of recent years in growing these magnificent plants. The information gained from these areas has been extremely helpful in our efforts, but so much of it has been gained in a climate tempered by the ameliorating effects of the Great Lakes. The products of our efforts are exposed to winds which have an unhindered continental sweep and are exposed consistently to very low winter temperatures. Consequently, there is a need to gather all the endemic "growing" information and to disseminate new information, peculiar to our area, as it develops. It is my firm belief that we are one of the real frontiers in rhododendron hybridization."

The Tappan Zee Chapter, West Nyack, N.Y. was organized on February 28 under the able direction of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fleming. As this new chapter lies between the New York and New Jersey chapters it will provide our members in this particular locality with a more readily accessible chapter which can be attended without the inconvenience of long tedious hours of driving.

On March 15, 1962, the National Board of Directors unanimously voted approval to both these chapters and gave each their heartiest welcome.