QBARS - v16n2 An Overture Regarding Future Society Ratings

An Overture Regarding Future Society Ratings
Cecil C. Smith, Chairman, Rating Committee

During the fall months a committee was appointed by President Clarke to re-examine the merit ratings of rhododendrons as published in the book, "Rhododendrons For Your Garden." The possibility of using one number to indicate the merit of the bloom and another number to indicate the merit of the plant had been discussed for many years by the directors, and at least one nurseryman had used this system in his catalog. The Society rating questionnaire was sent out a year or so before publication to many members in all rhododendron growing areas. An Evaluation Committee of fifteen members studied these returned questionnaires. After many meetings over a period of at least a year, the present ratings were compiled and published.  The present committee wishes to have everyone familiar with a number of varieties to judge the merits of each plant as it blooms. A suggested method is to pencil-in opposite the names of the variety in "Rhododendrons For Your Garden" any changes in rating deemed desirable. At the end of this blooming season, these changes could be recorded and sent to the committee chairman. In a few years another book will be published, and the data so gathered will be invaluable in revising the ratings. The committee feels that there is no time like the blooming season to make and record one's opinion of the worth of the different species and hybrids.