QBARS - v16n2 Notes About the 18th Annual Meeting of the ARS

Notes About the 18th Annual Meeting of the A.R.S.
Thomas Wheeldon, M.D., General Chairman 1962 Meeting

"To all members of the American Rhododendron Society - It would appear at this time, that the 18th annual meeting of the American Rhododendron Society at Winterthur and Longwood, May 6-7, 1962 will be very gratifying. The various committees have been most active. The committee chairmen are as follows:

General Chairman - Dr. Thomas Wheeldon, Pres. Middle Atlantic Chapter

Local Chairman - Mr. Gordon Tyrrell, Winterthur, Delaware

Program Chairman - Dr. John Wister, Philadelphia Chapter

Publicity Chairman - Mr. George Smith, Jr., President, Indianapolis

Local Publicity - Mrs. W. A. Kelius, Philadelphia Chapter

Exhibit Chairman - Dr. Thomas Wheeldon

Local Exhibit Chairman - Mr. Howard Young, Philadelphia Chapter

Exhibit Plantings - Mr. Everitt Miller, Longwood

The Chapters have been very conscientious in making this a real national meeting, and we have every reason to believe that the results of their activities will show that the American Rhododendron Society has developed a real cohesion."

"We have received a great many promises of material for exhibit. The exhibit, as you know, will afford every member of the American Rhododendron Society an opportunity to present anything he chooses in three categories, i.e. cut trusses, temporary plantings, and permanent plantings. Anyone wishing to have a plant presented for award may also have this opportunity. I hope that every member will accept the responsibility of seeing that this exhibit is very successful. It is for this reason that we have decided to have a non-competitive exhibit. If you have not contacted me and have material for exhibit, please do so at your earliest opportunity."

"Should you not have an opportunity to do this at the last moment, please send or bring material to Winterthur on Saturday, May 5. All plantings must be in place by Saturday evening, May 5. All cut flowers should be in place by 12:00 noon, Sunday, May 6. The exhibit will be in and around the Pavilion at Winterthur. Mr. DuPont has been most gracious in making space for such a lovely setting available."