QBARS - v16n3 Book Review: Rhododendrons of the World

Book Review
Rudolph Henny
RHODODENDRONS OF THE WORLD by David G. Leach, 544 pp., illustrated, Charles Scribner & Sons

David G. Leach has performed a most valuable service to rhododendrons. The subject has been widely covered in the authors fine style of writing aided by numerous photographic illustrations and line drawings, the latter by artist Edmond Amateis. Much has been put into this book, and very little that is known about rhododendrons today omitted. One seems to sense the author's specialty and the chapters on hybridizing and breeding rhododendrons are the finest ever written. Chapters are packed with information and range from propagation to culture, the reader will be awed by the vast amount of material knowledge contained in every section. The author is to be congratulated on the completeness of the listed hybrids and the fine notes on the species. This volume can be recommended to the beginner and the most advanced rhododendron gardener as the finest and most complete work done on the subject to date.