QBARS - v17n3 New York Chapter Show Exhibits

The New York Chapter Show Exhibits

Long Island Nurserymen's Show
Island Garden, W. Hempstead, L. I., N.Y.

February 22-March 3, 1963

THEME OF SHOW: "Beauty in Outdoor Living"

The New York Chapter exhibited a naturalistic garden featuring a redwood log cabin. A Special Award for an educational exhibit, a Paul Revere Silver Bowl, was presented to us by the L. I. Nurserymen's Association.

Using a white pine tree and forsythia as background plants, as well as a rustic fence along one side, we put in an informal arrangement of the following plants: Rhododendrons: 'Sappho', 'Blue Peter', 'Jean Marie de Montague', 'Unique,' Wyanokie', R. keiskei , 'Conemaugh', 'Orotani', 'Purple Gem', 'Windbeam', R. carolinianum , 'P.J.M.', 'Mucronulatum Pink', and R. keiskei x R. racemosum seedling. Azaleas: 'Beethoven', 'Daybreak', 'Mildred Mae', 'Snow'.

Around a small pool near the front, we planted some of the dwarf rhododendrons and a seedling of R. keiskei x R. racemosum , hybridized by our president, Sidney Burns. Also included were Rainbow Leucothoe, Variegated Pieris Japonica, a dwarf spruce, and a dwarf evergreen barberry. Erica carnea 'King George' covered one corner, an effective foreground plant. Our edging consisted of split logs, keeping a natural border in tune with our garden. A pine needle mulch added to the casual atmosphere and also lined our paths.

Coliseum, New York, N.Y., March 9-17, 1963

THEME OF SHOW: "Gardens are for Living"

The New York Chapter displayed a Spring rhododendron garden, covering an area of approximately 200 sq. feet. We were honored to receive the International Flower Show Gold Medal and also the Chicago World Flower and Garden Show Gold Medal. For our additional educational planting at our information booth, we were presented with a Bronze Medal Certificate and a Silver Trophy, from the New York Horticultural Society.

Our competitive garden in the main area contained these plants: Rhododendrons: 'Blue Peter', 'Roseum Elegans Pink', 'Mrs. Peter den Ouden', 'Mucronulatum Pink', 'Windbeam', R. carolinianum , 'Wheatley', 'Ramapo', 'Wyanokie', 'Dr. Endtz', 'P.J.M.', R. keiskei X R. racemosum , 'Jean Marie de Montague', 'Wilsoni', 'Myrtifolium', R. keiskei , 'Scintillation', 'Pink Pearl', 'Album Novum', 'Lord Roberts', Madame de Bruin', 'E. S. Rand'. Azaleas: 'Purple Splendour', R. nudiflorum , R. vaseyi album , 'Sylphides', R. vaseyi , 'Daviesi', R. reticulatum .

A pin oak and birch tree contributed to the planting design, as well as Mt. Laurel, Rainbow Leucothoe, Variegated Pieris japonica , Skimmia , Erica carnea , 'King George'. All plants were mulched with pine needles.

At another area we had our information booth and educational planting of the following: Rhododendrons: 'Album Novum', 'English Roseum Pink', 'Trilby', 'P.J.M.', 'Blue Peter', R. racemosum , 'Ramapo', 'Conemaugh', 'Purple Gem', 'Mucronulatum Pink', 'Brookville', 'E. S. Rand', 'Oritani' and 'Conewago'. Azaleas: R. Schlippenbachii , 'Purple Splendour', 'James Gable', 'Snow', 'Southdown', 'Palestrina', 'Rhombun', Exbury seedlings, 'Roehr's Salmon'.

At both these shows, we tried to give examples of the many different types of rhododendrons that could be used in landscaping. All plants were keyed, and specific information about each plant was offered at our booth. Our booklet "Rhododendrons and Azaleas for the Northeast," was eagerly purchased, at 10¢ a copy. The beautiful cover of this booklet was created by our member, Ray Porter, while our cultural directions were carefully written by our Vice President, Alan Goodman. A fine group of cooperating nurserymen advertised in our booklet, and some also supplied us with plants for our gardens, this was much appreciated. We were fortunate in having our plants forced by Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y., with great success, and so were able to exhibit a variety of color and types of blooms.

There is certainly a great deal of effort needed for any successful show. All our volunteers worked hard to create our gardens, we thank them all for their various contributions. Special thanks should go to our president, Sidney Burns, and his wife, Clara, who worked unceasingly in all capacities. We also thank our New Jersey friends who gave their time at the information booth.