QBARS - v17n3 New York Chapter Rhododendron Show

New York Chapter Rhododendron Show

The New York Chapter held its annual Rhododendron Show at Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y. on Sunday, May 26th, 1963. After judging, it was open to the public free of charge. A day of cool weather and a few showers were no deterrent to our many members and friends who not only enjoyed our show but the magnificent display of rhododendrons and azaleas at Planting Fields.

Many notables and distinguished guests were present from several chapters. including a large group who came by bus from the Philadelphia Chapter to see our show and to tour the arboretum.

In spite of recent rains and the late date of the show, we were fortunate in having 223 entries, predominantly Ironclads. As these rhododendrons are the hardiest for our area, it gave the general public a chance to see the many varieties available.

Many thanks go to our judges: Dr. John Wister, Mr. Joseph Casadeval, Mr. William Efinger, Jr., and Professor Radcliffe B. Pike. Our chapter is grateful to Planting Fields Arboretum for providing us with the ideal background for our shows, and especially to Director Gordon Jones and to William Bowden for all their efforts in many directions. We wish to thank each and every person who worked to make this show a success. Special appreciation goes to Mr. and Mrs. John Knippenberg and to our other members who enriched our exhibit by placing additional trusses on our conversation table.

New York Chapter-1963 Show
Best of Show
Album Novum Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer
Class 4 Ponticum Series
1. Album Glass S. Burns
2. Cat. compactum S. Burns
3. Smirnowii Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer
Class 7 Ironclads-Red and Crimson
l. Sefton S. Burns
2. Sefton N. E. Hess
3. Moser's Maroon N. E. Hess
1. Ignatius Sargent N. E. Hess
2. E. S. Rand S. Burns
3. Charles Bagley H. E. Hess
Hon. Mention-America S. Burns Hon. Mention-Michael Waterer N. E. Hess
Class 8 Ironclads-Pink
1. Amphion N. E. Hess
2. Roseum Elegans Target Rock Farm
3. Duke of York Mrs. E. F. Hager, Jr.
Class 9 Ironclads White
1. Catawbiense Album N. E. Hess
2. Catawbiense Album Target Rock Farm
3. Catawbiense Album P. Berman
Class 10 Ironclads-Lavender, Lilac, Purple
1. Album Novum Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer BEST OF SHOW
2. Album Elegans Target Rock Farm
3. Everestianum Henry Dumper
Class 12 Elepidote Hybrids-Orange-Red
1. Vulcan N. E. Hess
2. Romany Chai S. Burns
Class 13 Elepidote Hybrids-Blue-red
1. Catawbiense Red S. Burns
Class 14 Elepidote Hybrids-Rose-red
1. Thunderstorm N. E. Hess
2. Ruebens S. Burns
3. Detonsum X Gillian A. A. Raustein
Class 15 Elepidote Hybrids Red with prominent flare
1. McIntosh S. Burns
2. Princess Elizabeth Target Rock Farm
Class 16 Elepidote Hybrids-Blush Pink
1. Lady Clementine Mitford N. E. Hess
Class 17 Elepidote Hybrids-Deep Pink
1. Azma N. E. Hess
2. Directeur Hjelm S. Burns
Class 18 Elepidote Hybrids-Pink with flare
1. Mrs. Furnival P. J. LoTruglio
2. Graf Zeppelin N. E. Hess
Class 20 Elepidote Hybrids White tinged with Pink
1. Sweet Simplicity N. E. Hess
2. Unnamed A. Hall
3. Sweet Simplicity S. Burns
Class 21 Elepidote Hybrids White with flare
1. The Bride N. E. Hess
2. Gloria Gandavensis S. Burns
3. County of York S. Burns
Class 22 Elepidote Hybrids-Blue
1. Roslyn S. Burns
2. Blue Peter P. J. LoTruglio
Class 23 Elepidote Hybrids Lavender or Lilac
1. Beatrice Pierce Target Rock Farm
2. Unnamed Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer
Class 24 Elepidote Hybrids Deep Purple
1. A. Bedford N. E. Hess
2. A. Bedford S. Burns
Class 27 Elepidote Hybrids Apricot
2. Painted Star Target Rock Farm
Class 29 Dexter Hybrids-White, blush, yellow, apricot
3. Dexter #357 Dexter Estate
Class 30 Dexter Hybrids-Pink, lavender, red
1. Dexter's Brandygreen Dexter Estate
2 Dexter's Brandygreen Dexter Estate
2. Josephine Everitt S. Burns
3. Parker's Pink A. Goldman
Class 31 New Hybrid Rhododendron shown by originator or his representative
1. Dexter X Fortunei (Evelyn Seedling) Meyer Kaplan
2. Dexter Hybrid Seedling Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer
Class 32 Azaleadendrons
1. Galloper Light A. Goldman
3. Broughtoni Aureum P. J. LoTruglio
Class 33 Deciduous Species
1. Atlanticum P. J. LoTruglio
Class 35 Mollis and Japonica Hybrids
1. Hortulanus Witte A. Goldman
2. Hamlet S. Burns
Class 35A Ghent Hybrids
1. Coccinea Speciosa S. Burns
2. Coccinea Speciosa P. J. LoTruglio (Both of these are 2. No third was given)
2. Coccinea Speciosa A. Goldman (Both of these are 2. No third was given)
Class 37 Kurume Hybrids
1. Hexe P. J. LoTruglio
Class 38 Glenn Dale Hybrids
1. Helen Close S. Burns
2. Silver Moon Henry Dumper
3. Glamour William Kes
Class 39 Gable Hybrids
1. Rosebud P. Berman
2. Purple Splendour A. A. Raustein
3. P. I. G. A. A. Raustein
Class 40 Kaempferi Hybrids
1. Unnamed Mrs. R. P. Burr
Class 42 Evergreen Azaleas not included above
2. #42 R. R. Emmerich
Class 43 Deciduous Azaleas not included above
1. Unnamed Ghent Hybrid Mrs. H. C. Schlaikjer
1. Unnamed Mrs. R. P. Burr