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R. 'Lake Labish'
R. 'Lake Labish'
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The Quarterly Bulletin
of the
American Rhododendron Society

October 15, 1963
Vol. 17 No. 4


Published Quarterly by THE AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY, 3514 N. Russet St., Portland. Ore, Membership subscription to the American Rhododendron Society $5.00 a year. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society is included as a benefit of membership. Copyright 1963 by the American Rhododendron Society. Permission to reprint any portion of this volume must be granted in writing by the Society.

Issue Contents
In Memory of Rudolph Henny   Rudolph Henny - His Life and Work
      by Carl Phetteplace M.D.
Rudolph Henny
      by Dr. H. R. Fletcher
  Rudolph Henny's Varieties in California
      by Edward H. Long
Rudolph Henny's Breeding Objectives and Attainments
      by Cecil Smith
  The Rudolph Henny Varieties Most Promising in the Eugene Area
      by Milton V. Walker M.D.
Rhododendron Varieties Named by Rudolph Henny   Rudolph Henny's Hybrids
      by Carl Fawcett
Rudolph Henny, Editor of the Quarterly Bulletin and His Influence Upon the A.R.S.
      by Ruth Hansen
  Potential Value of Rudolph Henny's Hybrids in the Philadelphia PA Area
      by Raymond P. Jefferis Jr.
The Cover
Rudolph Henny's Hybrids
      by Carl Fawcett
  Portland Chapter Show, 1963
      by Merle Cisney
Three Southern Azalea Species - R. prunifolium austrinum and speciosum
      by S. D. Coleman
  Some Comments on Azaleas: Their Kinds and Origin
      by Arthur E. Radcliffe
A Stroll Through the Rudolph Henny Garden
      by Molly Grothaus
  Plans Announced for 1964 Annual Meeting
      by E. B. Dunn
Rimless Scales on Lepidote-Non-Lepidote Hybrids
      by Alexander C. Martin
  The Usefulness of Paper and Kitchen Refuse in Rhododendron Planting
      by F. W. Schumacher
A Preliminary Course for Judges
by Clement Bowers and Paul Vossberg
  Effects of the Severe Winter
      by Ted Hinson
Edward Dunn Our New President   Seed Exchange
14th Annual Seattle Rhododendron Show   A.R.S. Committees for 1963-64

ARS Logo
President   Vice President
Secretary-Treasurer   Executive Vice President and Editor
MRS. ROBERT BERRY, Aberdeen, Wash., Term expires 1965
BEN BRIGGS, Shelton, Wash., President Shelton Chapter
SIDNEY V. BURNS, Syosset, L. I., N.Y., President New York Chapter
MERLE E. CISNEY, Camas, Wash., Term expires 1965
ROY W. CLARK, Olympia, Wash., President Olympia Chapter
R. E. COMERFORD, Marion, Ore., Term expires 1965
ART DOME, Medina, Wash., President Seattle Chapter
E. F. DRAKE, Port Townsend, Wash., President Olympic Peninsula Chapter
JOHN EICHELSER, Olympia, Wash., President Tacoma Chapter
ARTHUR ELLIOTT, Otter Lake. Mich., President Great Lakes Chapter
CARL FAWCETT, Tacoma, Wash., Term expires 1964
HENRY FLEMING, Upper Nyack, N.Y., President Tappan Zee Chapter
DAVID FREEMAN, Vancouver, B.C., President Vancouver B.C. Chapter
GEORGE GRACE, Portland, Ore., Term expires 1964
LOUIS C. GROTHAUS, Portland, Ore., President Portland Chapter
C. T. HANSEN, Portland, Ore., Term expires 1964
JOHN HENNY, Brooks, Ore., Term expires 1964
DR. LEON J. HEUSER, Princeton, N.J., President Princeton Chapter
DR. MARK M. HOLMAN, Indianapolis, Ind., President Indianapolis Chapter
HOWARD HUGHES, Montesano, Wash., President Grays Harbor Chapter
ALFRED F. KELLY, Middletown, N.J., President Mid-Jersey Chapter
EDWARD H. LONG, Oakland, Calif., President California Chapter
DONALD MCCLURE, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1964
DALE MCCURDY, Aurora, Ill., President Midwest Chapter
EVERETT MITCHELL, Asheville, N.C., President Southeastern Chapter
CARL H. PHETTEPLACE, M.D., Eugene, Ore., Term expires 1964
FRED REES, Wyckoff, N.J., President New Jersey Chapter
JOHN SCHAMENEK, Willow Grove, Pa., President Philadelphia Chapter
CECIL SMITH, Aurora, Ore., Term expires 1964
DR. ROBERT L. TICKNOR, Canby, Ore., Term expires 1965
MERVIN B. VATER, Eugene, Ore., President Eugene Chapter
MILTON V. WALKER, M.D., Creswell, Ore., Term expires 1965
THOMAS WHEELDON, M.D., Richmond, Va., President Middle Atlantic Chapter
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