QBARS - v18n1 Gold Medal Award Citation to Rudolph Henny

The ARS Gold Medal Award Citation To Rudolph Henny

Mrs. Henny received the Gold Medal awarded posthumously to her late husband, Rudolph
Fig. 2.  Mrs. Rudolph Henny received the Gold Medal of the American
Rhododendron Society, awarded posthumously to her late husband,
Rudolph Henny, from Edward B. Dunn, President of the Society, shown
here (center) holding the Citation.  George Grace of Portland, first
Secretary of the A.R.S. and a longtime co-worker with Mr. Henny, holds
the Medal.
Photo courtesy of Oregon Journal

The American Rhododendron Society grants its highest honor, THE GOLD MEDAL, to Rudolph Henny in grateful acknowledgement of his years of dedicated service to the Society he helped found.
His untiring effort as editor of the American Rhododendron Society Bulletin from its inception has been one of the main forces responsible for the growth of our Society to the many parts of the United States. The fine quality and high level of interest which Rudolph Henny produced and maintained in the Bulletin has furthered enthusiasm for rhododendrons far beyond the membership limits of the Society.
As a result of Rudolph Henny's intense interest in rhododendrons and their hybridizing, he developed at Brooks, Oregon, one of the finest rhododendron gardens in the United States. He had gathered in this woodland park garden specimen plants of both hybrids and the better species forms, the finer selected species seedlings from the Asian expeditions, and a wealth of his own outstanding hybrid rhododendrons. All visitors to this garden were most welcome, amateur and expert alike; and Rudolph Henny gave generously of his time and knowledge to each.
The high standards and integrity which Rudolph Henny set for himself in all his endeavors are nowhere more evident than in his rhododendron hybridizing program. Application of his profound knowledge of rhododendrons to hybridizing and the destruction of hybrids which did not reach the goals set, have produced a legacy of new hybrids whose lasting contribution to the advancement of rhododendron horticulture is unquestioned, and whose beauty stands as the truest memorial to Rudolph Henny.
Rudolph Henny was himself a contribution to the Society which was enriched by his quiet authority, his gentle forcefulness, and his contributions of knowledge and time so willingly made.
To Rudolph Henny, a founding member, an untiring editor, an outstanding hybridizer, is presented, posthumously, the Gold Medal of the American Rhododendron Society in recognition of his many achievements, and of the deep respect and admiration in which he is held by his associates in the Society.