QBARS - v18n1 Nominations for A. R. S. Directors

Nominations for A.R.S. Directors

The Nominating Committee, as appointed by President Dunn, consisted of the following: Mr. Roy Clark, Mr. Louis C. Grothaus, Mr. Merle E. Cisney, Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Mr. John Eichelser, Mr. Arthur P. Dome, and Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Chairman. There are six Directors to be elected in the spring of 1964. The nominees, as provided by the Nominating Committee, are as follows:


Mr. Arntsen has been President of the Seattle Chapter and active in its shows and other activities for some time. He is in the wholesale produce business.


Mr. Coovert, a heating and electrical contractor, has been active in the affairs of the Tacoma Chapter for ten years. He was President and has served in various ways.


Incumbent. Mr. Grace was the first Secretary of the American Rhododendron Society and has been actively associated with it and with the Portland Chapter since the beginning. He early started a collection of varieties and imported plants from abroad at an early date. He has been a building contractor.


Incumbent. Mr. Henny was the first President of the American Rhododendron Society and has served more or less continuously since that time as Director, and as President of the Portland Chapter for two terms. He is a rhododendron breeder and nurseryman and lives a few miles north of Salem, Oregon.


Incumbent. Mr. McClure is a banker by profession and has been interested in collecting rhododendron varieties and species for many years. He has been President of the Seattle Chapter, has managed some of their big shows and has served on the Board for some time.


Mr. Patrick of Longview, Washington is a licensed Customs House Broker. He has been affiliated with the Portland Chapter for a number of years and has served as Vice President and as Show Chairman, and on various committees.


Mr. Saunders has been a long time member of the Eugene Chapter which he has served as President and Chairman of many committees. He is in the dry cleaning business and has long keen interested in rhododendrons as a hobby.


Incumbent. Mr. Smith has a very fine collection of rhododendron species in which he is especially interested although his variety collection is excellent also. He has served on various A.R.S. committees and on the A.R.S. Board for several years. He is a commercial producer of grass seed.