QBARS - v18n1 Triflorum Series Revision


Note: A review of the species in the Triflorum Series has been made by Mr. H. H. Davidian, of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland, and published in the 1963 Rhododendron and Camellia Yearbook of the Royal Horticultural Society. Mr. Davidian considers R. caeruleum to be identical with R. rigidum and hence drops the name R. caeruleum . He also considers R. chasmanthum to be a botanical variety of R. augustinii , and so to be written R. augustinii var. chasmanthum . Other well known species to lose their identity are R. charianthum , merged with R. davidsonianum , R. timeteum , merged with R. oreotrephes , R. chartophyllum , merged with R. yunnanense , and R. pseudoyanthinum now to be known as R. concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum .