QBARS - v18n2 Hybrids of Rhododendron yakushimanum

Hybrids of Rhododendron yakushimanum

Dear Sir,

The article by Mr. Leach on "Taking the Yak out of Yakushimanum" in the current number of your "Bulletin" was an interesting one and will clear up the mistaken ideas of an "A.M. form" of the species at Wisley. Of course, no such plant exists.

There are a number of interesting hybrids from crossing Rhododendron yakushimanum with a wide range of other rhododendrons and it is reasonable to expect before long some particularly fine plants will be making their first appearance. Meantime your readers may like to note that the first awards to its hybrids on either side of the Atlantic were not to Mr. Leach's plant but to Rhododendron 'Bambi' and 'Mountain Star' when shown in London on May 5th, 1959.

'Bambi' was the result of crossing 'Fabia Tangerine' and R. yakushimanum and was exhibited by Messrs. J. Waterer Sons & Crisp of Bagshot, Surrey. As for 'Mountain Star,' this came from Mr. Frederick Street of West End, Woking, Surrey; from crossing 'Stanley Davis' and R. yakushimanum . When they were shown both received Preliminary Commendations as new plants of promise

Yours truly,


Secretary, Rhododendron and Camellia Committee The Royal Horticultural Society