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What's Going On In The World Rhododendron News From Here And There

Your publications committee has recently held two meetings to discuss what might be most interesting and most useful as published material in the Bulletin and in the book scheduled to go to press late in 1965. Our membership is widespread and greatly diversified as to interests. Probably the greater part of the membership consists of rhododendron gardeners, buffs, fanciers, fans, or connoisseurs who want to know about varieties, cultural methods and garden use. Some of these are general gardeners with a little emphasis on azaleas and rhododendrons, others are specialists who are anxious for every bit of rhododendron lore. We also have an ever increasing number of nurserymen as members and quite a few research men in various public and private research institutions.

There are certain things that would possibly appeal to every one of our some 2600 members, and we shall endeavor to feature that kind of material to the extent that we can find it, and find someone to write it. The Editor will welcome, at any time, suggestions from members as to desirable subjects for publication, and especially suggestions as to people who might be willing, and able, to write about them.

Other subjects might be of intense interest to only a few. The committee feels, however, that such subjects, if they deal with rhododendrons, should be given some space in the Bulletin. Things such as rhododendron nursery problems, the results of scientific research in this genus, and rhododendron news from other lands would be examples of subjects of somewhat limited interest. It is our feeling at the present that publications about rhododendrons and azaleas, if they contain information of value, should be reprinted (rarely), reviewed, abstracted, or at least the citation given indicating where the information was published.

Something of the activities of rhododendron societies in other lands might be not only interesting but informative. The German Rhododendron Society, for instance, publishes a beautifully illustrated Yearbook, as well as a periodical. The problem here is one of language. The Editor's German translation is likely to be slow and painful. He would like to hear from any reader, reasonably fluent in German, who might be interested in reviewing an occasional article for the Bulletin.