QBARS - v18n4 American Rhododendron Society Committees for Fiscal Year 1964-65

American Rhododendron Society Committees for Fiscal Year 1964-65

Advertising Publications
Edwin Arntsen, Chm. Dr. Robert Ticknor, Chm.
John Henny Mrs. Louis Grothaus
Russ Coovert Forrest Bump, M.D.
Annual Meetings Milton Foland
George Grace, Chm . Brian O. Mulligan
Howard Slonecker Ratings Committee
Russ Coovert Merle Cisney, Chm .
Awards Policy Cecil Duncan
Donald McClure, Chm. and Registrar Wales Wood
of Awards John Henny
Committee composed of Chapter Howard Slonecker
Awards Committee Chairmen Arthur Wright, Sr.
Finance With sub-committees in various areas
Chris Johnson, Chm . Registrar
John Eichelser Dr. J. Harold Clarke
Roy W. Clark Seed Exchange
George Anderson Mrs. Robert Berry, Chm .
E. F. Drake Species Project
Honors Committee Cecil Smith
Carl Phetteplace, M.D. Chm . Mrs. E. J. Greig
James P. Beury, Jr. Ben Nelson
Wales Wood Milton E. Walker, M.D.
Chris Johnson Carl Fawcett
Membership Ed Long
Robert Comerford, Chm . Paul J. Bowman, M.D.
Committee Composed of Chapter Gordon Jones
Membership Chairmen
Composed of all directors plus the following:
Wales Wood, Chm.
William Riddlesbarger David G. Leach
Richard F. Krutch G. A. Arrington
Central Working Committee composed as follows:
Wales Wood, Chm .
Louis Grothaus Richard F. Krutch
George Grace Mervin B. Vater
Donald McClure Dr. F. W. Herrick