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Letting Our Friends Know

Every visitor at a Rhododendron Show learns something about rhododendrons. He can't help it. However, whether he learns anything about the organization which worked so hard to stage the show is another matter. That will depend a lot on the publicity given before, during and after the show.

Commercial exhibitors have learned that giving to the passerby a leaflet of some kind is a big help in causing the exhibit and exhibitor to be remembered. This same technique is being used by some Chapters at their annual shows. A few examples might suggest ideas to other Chapters.

The New York area Chapters have combined to publish an educational leaflet giving cultural directions, variety lists and other information, including suggestions that interested persons join the American Rhododendron Society. A large number of these pamphlets were sold, at a very nominal price, at the Spring International Flower Show in New York.

The Vancouver, B.C. Chapter made up a list of over 250 varieties of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, their color, and the names of local nurseries where they could be purchased, for the benefit of Show visitors.

The following friendly letter impressed me as being very appropriate and something that Show committees in other areas might look over for ideas. -- Editor

American Rhododendron Society

New York Chapter

May 24, 1961.

Dear Friends:

WELCOME to beautiful Planting Fields Arboretum and to our Rhododendron Show! We are delighted to see you and know you will enjoy seeing the many different varieties of Rhododendrons and Azaleas that are grown in this area by our New York Chapter members. Take notes on the rhododendrons you personally like, remembering that some are suited to a more sheltered garden. Specific information on our exhibit may be obtained from our Flower Show Committee (wearing badges or ribbons). We will be glad to answer your questions.

We cordially invite you to join the American Rhododendron Society to enjoy the many interesting activities of our various chapters. Our New York Chapter holds meetings both in New York City and on Long Island. We offer our members the following:

  1. The ARS Bulletin issued 4 times a year-filled with cultural information and the experience of other growers-articles on hybridizing and propagation, etc.
  2. Interesting speakers at all meetings.
  3. Free Garden Tours each Spring.
  4. Educational Programs offered from time to time to keep us up-to-date on rhododendron propagation, hybridizing, newest ideas on insect and disease problems.
  5. Books may be purchased at substantial discounts (30%).
  6. Participation in Flower Shows each year-the chance to display your favorite flowers.
  7. Plus - the great pleasure of a friendly association with others who enjoy growing these wonderful plants!

Also - besides all of these advantages - we offer plants as door prizes at many of our meetings! Application blank may be obtained from our Information Table or write to our Corresponding Secretary. We also will be glad to give you information on our New Jersey, Tappan Zee, Princeton, and Philadelphia Chapters, if you live in these areas.

Thank you for visiting our show!


S. V. Burns, President