QBARS - v18n4 Pictures Unrelated to Text: 'Nestucca', 'Loder's White', 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Sir Charles Lemon', R. uvarifolium, R. fulvum

Photos Unrelated To Text

R. 'Loder's White' R. 'Mrs. Furnival'
Fig. 43.  Nice bloom on 'Loder's White'
Photo by Carl Phetteplace
Fig. 44.  'Mrs. Furnival'
Photo by Carl Phetteplace
R. 'Sir Charles Lemon' R. fulvum
Fig. 46. Close-up of the flowers of 'Sir
Charles Lemon'. This would be a nice
white variety even if it did not have rich
brown indumentum for which most people
obtain it.
Photo by Carl Phetteplace
Fig. 50 R. fulvum
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'Nestucca' R. uvarifolium
Fig.41.  'Nestucca', a seedling of R.
x R. yakushimanum raised by
Cecil Smith, Aurora, Oregon. This
variety has received a P. A. from the
Photo by Cecil Smith
Fig. 49.  A nice flowering truss of
R. uvarifolium in Cecil Smith's
garden, Aurora, Oregon.
Photo by Cecil Smith