QBARS - v21n2 Early Season Rhododendron Competition

Report Of Early Season Rhododendron Competition
Marjorie Baird, Show Chairman
Renee Hill, Awards and Clerks, Seattle, Wash.

The Seattle Rhododendron Society Study Group's fourth Early Season Competition was held April 8th and 9th at the Nisqually Room of the Seattle center. This show arouses more interest every year. Forty-three competitors from three local and one Oregon Chapter entered 340 trusses and plants, as compared to 153 last year. They were judged by Mrs. E. J. Greig, Royston, B.C., Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Eugene, Ore., and Fred Robbins, Puyallup, Wash.

The success of the show was due not only to the excellent material exhibited but to the many members who so generously gave their time and thought, some on committees and some who just came and helped at the "setting-up" and "taking-down." The Show Committee was Ken Lauhon - Schedule, Frank Doleshy - Judges, Mrs. Thomas O'Brube - Publicity, Jack Sando - Staging, John Putnam - Receiving, Mrs. H. E. McCray - Hosts, Bernard Swenson - Awards Dinner. Following are the trophy and blue ribbon winners.


  • Rainier Mt. Alpine Gardens trophy for best dwarf species plant, R. degronianum to Ken Lauhon
  • Emma Atkinson McKee Memorial Award for best hybrid plant, 'March Sun' to Dr. Rollin G. Wyrens
  • Nelson Challenge Cup for best species plant raised from seed by exhibitor, R. racemosum to Sam Conover
  • Kingdon-Ward Memorial Award for best species truss, spray or plant native to eastern Tibet, R. pocophorum to Rainier Mr. Alpine Gardens
  • "Pat" Ballard Memorial Award for best lepidote truss or spray, R. spiciferum to Edward Dunn
  • Harry Madison Memorial Award for best elepidote truss, R. macabeanum to Cecil Smith
  • Mary and Ted Greig Neriiflorum Award for best truss or plant, R. forrestii to Dr. Rollin G. Wyrens
  • Sally Bunge Triflorum Award for best truss or spray, R. lutescens to University of Washington Arboretum
  • Study Group Sweepstakes, awarded to person receiving highest number of points to University of Washington Arboretum


  • 2. Anthopogon Series and hybrids thereof. R. crebreflorum , Rainier Mt. Alpine Nursery
  • 3. Arboretum Series, R. argyrophyllum , University of Washington Arboretum
  • 3H. Arboreum Hybrids, 'Cornubia', H. Indridson
  • 5. Azalea Series, R. schlippenbachii , Lawrence J. Pierce
  • 5H. All Hybrid Azaleas, Kurume 'Snow', Frank Doleshy
  • 6. Barbatum Series, R. crinigerum , Rainier Mt. Alpine Nursery
  • 6H. Barbatum Hybrids, 'Fireball', Gulch Gardens
  • 7. Boothii Series, R. leucaspis , Bob Badger
  • 7H. Boothii Hybrids, 'Snow Lady', George Harrison
  • 9. Campanulatum Series, R. fulgens , University of Washington Arboretum
  • 15. Edgeworthii Series, R. spinuliferum x R. bullatum , Dr. C. E. Simons
  • 16/21 Falconeri and Grande Series, R. macabeanum , Cecil Smith
  • 18. Fortunei Series, R. sutchuenense , Gulch Gardens
  • 18H. Fortunei Hybrids, 'Avalanche', Cecil Smith
  • 20. Glaucophyllum Series, R. glaucophyllum var. sherriffii , George Willoughby
  • 23. Heliolepis Series, R. desquamatum var. 'Finch', Dr. Carl Heller
  • 24H. Irroratum Hybrids, 'Carex Blush', Edward Dunn
  • 26P. Lapponicum Series, purple or violet, R. russatum , U. of Wash. Arboretum
  • 26Y. Lapponicum Series, White, yellow, pink or rose, R. flavidum , Cecil Smith
  • 26H. Lapponicum Hybrids, 'Augfast' F'2, Cecil Smith
  • 27. Lepidotum Series, R. lepidotum , Bernard Swenson
  • 28/0 Maddenii Series, grown outdoors, R. ciliatum , Dr. C. E. Simons
  • 28/0 Maddenii Hybrids, outdoors, 'Thalia', Dr. C. E. Simons
  • 28H Maddenii Hybrids, 'El Dorado', Mrs. Pendleton Miller
  • 30. Moupinense and Hybrids thereof, 'Cilpinense', Mrs. John C. Hill
  • 31. Neriiflorum Series, R. pocophorum , Rainier Mt. Alpine Nursery
  • 31H. Neriiflorum Hybrids, 'Ethel' F.C.C., Univ. of Wash. Arboretum
  • 33. Ponticum Series, R. degronianum , Edward Dunn
  • 33H. Ponticum Hybrids, 'Rosa Mundi', Ken Lauhon
  • 35. Scarbrifolium Series, R. spiciferum , Edward Dunn
  • 35H. Scabrifolium Hybrids, 'Gene', Mrs. Pendleton Miller
  • 38. Taliense Series, near R. detonsum , Univ. of Wash. Arboretum
  • 39. Thomsonii Series, R. thomsonii , Dr. C. E. Simons
  • 39H2. Thomsonii Hybrids, R. thomsonii seedling, Univ. of Wash. Arboretum
  • 39H1. Williamsianum Hybrids, 'Wilbar', Art Dome
  • 41. Triflorum Series, R. lutescens , Univ. of Wash. Arboretum
  • 41H. Triflorum Hybrids, 'Crossbill', Mrs. J. H. Madison
  • 42. Uniflorum Series, R. pemakoense , Mrs. Hugh Baird
  • 44. Virgatum Series, R. virgatum , John Putnam
  • 47. Any other Rhododendron hybrid, 'Mary Fleming', Edward Dunn
  • 50. Two leaves each of six different Rhododendrons, mounted: Cecil Smith
  • 65. Educational Exhibit: "Rhododendrons in Japan, 1965, seed distributed in
  • 1966 by the ARS Seed Exchange," Frank Doleshy
  • 60. One standard flat, not larger than 13" x 24" containing species of any one series: Ponticum Series Plants, Sam Conover


  • 71. One plant Azalea series or hybrid thereof, R. canadense var. albiflorum , University of Washington Arboretum
  • 72. One plant Boothii series or hybrid thereof, 'Lucy Lou', Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
  • 74. One plant Lapponicum series or hybrid thereof. Rock # 188, Mrs. John C. Hill
  • 75. One plant Maddenii series or hybrid thereof, 'Cream Crest', Lawrence J. Pierce
  • 79. One plant Scabrifolium series or hybrid thereof, R. virgatum , Sam Conover
  • 81. One plant Triflorum series or hybrid thereof, R. bodinieri , Dr. Rollin G. Wyrens
  • 82. One plant Uniflorum series or hybrid thereof, R. pemakoense , Sam Conover
  • 83. One plant any Rhododendron suitable for the rock garden not covered by class 70 through 82, R. lepidotum , Sam Conover
  • 84. One plant, any rhododendron not covered by class 70 through 83, 'March Sun', Dr. Rollin G. Wyrens
  • 85. One plant Ponticum series or hybrid thereof, R. degronianum , Sam Conover
  • 77. One plant Neriiflorum series or hybrid thereof, R. forrestii var. repens , Dr. Rollin G. Wyrens