QBARS - v21n2 Azaleas Bring a Fresh Glow to Dallas

Azaleas Bring A Fresh Glow To Dallas

The Editor recently received a clipping of an article entitled as above from the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas. The article by Nancy Ranson, Garden Editor, tells about the thousands of azaleas which have been planted in recent years in the Dallas Park System.

The comment is made that thousands of azaleas have been planted in the Dallas Parks on top of the ground. Beds are made of 12 inch boards and filled with peat moss. The plants are set out in them and soil is shaped around the beds so that they blend in with their natural surroundings. Apparently these plantings have been very successful, especially since the planting above ground level has been started. The soil in general is alkaline. In the earlier days trenches were dug, the alkaline soil removed and the holes filled with peat moss. In many cases the azaleas grew successfully but the modern concept is to get them above ground level so that alkaline water will seep in from the surrounding soil much less rapidly.