QBARS - v21n2 Nominations


The Nominating Committee, Bob Badger of Tacoma Chairman, presents the following list of candidates. Ballots have already been mailed and should he returned promptly.

  • For President - Mr. Edward B. Dunn of Seattle, Washington, incumbent. Mr. Dunn has been President of the Seattle Chapter and was Vice President of A.R.S. for some time. He has been active in the rhododendron field for many years.
  • For Vice President - Carl Phetteplace, M.D. Dr. Phetteplace is the incumbent. He has been very active in the Eugene Chapter and in the A.R.S. He has been Chairman of the Honors Committee for some time. He is a physician and surgeon.
  • For Secretary-Treasurer - Dr. Robert Ticknor, incumbent. Dr. Ticknor is engaged in research with ornamental plants at the North Willamette Experiment Station in Oregon.

The following Directors, all incumbents, are nominated:

  • Mr. Alfred S. Martin, Ambler, Pennsylvania. Mr. Martin has been active in the Philadelphia Chapter and has business connections on the West Coast which have enabled him to attend Directors' Meetings.
  • Mrs. Robert Berry, Aberdeen, Washington. Mrs. Berry is well known to our members as she has been Chairman of the Seed Exchange Committee since its inception.
  • Mr. Charles Anderson, Bellevue, Washington. Mr. Anderson, associated with the Boeing Company, has been active for a number of years in the Seattle Chapter.
  • Mr. Merle Cisney, Camas, Washington. Mr. Cisney has been a Director for a number of years and has been active in the Portland Chapter. He is with the Crown Zellerbach Paper Company.
  • Mr. Russell Coovert, Lakebay, Washington. Mr. Coovert has been President of the Tacoma Chapter and active in its work for a number of years.
  • Mr. Robert Comerford of Marion, Oregon. Mr. Comerford is a rhododendron nurseryman, a member of the Eugene Chapter, and has been Chairman of the A.R.S. Membership Committee for the last three years.