QBARS - v21n2 Princeton Chapter Plant Sale

Princeton Chapter Plant Sale

Princeton Chapter Plant Sale
Fig. 34.  Mrs. Josephine V. Heuser,
plant sale chairman, and C. C.
Bahrenburg, Pres., Princeton Chapter,
getting ready for their annual plant sale.

The Princeton, N.J., Chapter will hold their fifth annual plant sale on Saturday, April 29 in the Display Garden located on the campus of The Hun School in Princeton.

Nearly 500 plants of more than 50 varieties of popular, unusual and rare rhododendrons and azaleas will be offered. They will include the popular Ironclads, the Dexters, the Gables, the Shammarellos and several species. Sizes will range from potted rooted cuttings to the largest manageable, and the real bonus to the purchasers will be those that will bloom soon after setting out, for the committee has searched through many sources to procure heavily budded, well developed plants of both large leaf and small leaf varieties.

The proceeds are to be used for the continued development and expansion of the Display Garden.

Additional features will be an information booth containing books on rhododendrons, cultural instructions, home propagation, landscaping, plus an opportunity to join the A.R.S.; and a staff of qualified, experienced growers to dispense advice and general information.

Lyman Clark is, for the second year, capably heading the publicity committee. He has prepared a press release for some 10 newspapers and 5 radio stations in a 50 mile radius.

Mrs. Josephine V. Heuser heads the Sale Committee with her talents, energy and genial personality - she deserves the highest credit.

Note: This sale will probably be history when this Bulletin reaches the Princeton area. However we feel this account of a chapter activity will be of interest to members in many other chapters. - Ed.