QBARS - v21n4 Preliminary Awards

Preliminary Awards

We are advised by Mr. D. K. McClure, Registrar of Plant Awards, that a P. A. was voted in April, 1967 to 'Flora Markeeta', which was produced from a cross of R. thomsonii X ('Unique' X 'Luscombei', Leonardslee var.) The cross was made by the Flora Markeeta Nursery, owned by Mr. Howard P. Beck, Edmonds, Wash.

Other Preliminary Awards which should have been announced in the Bulletin include the following:

  • 'Ann Carey' received a P. A. in March, 1966. It is from a cross of R. keiskei X R. spinuliferum , made by Mrs. Stephen Anderson, Bellevue, Wash.
  • 'Odee Wright' was awarded a P. A. in April, 1966. It is from the cross 'Mrs. Betty Robertson' X 'Idealist', made by Mr. Arthur Wright, Milwaukee, Ore.
  • 'Hotei' was granted a P. A. in May 1964. Karl Sifferman, Seattle, made the cross, 'Goldsworth Orange' X R. souliei-wardii .
  • 'Ken Janeck' received a P. A. in May 1964. It is a R. yakushimanum seedling raised by Mrs. Helen Janeck, Tacoma, Wash.