QBARS - v21n4 The Eugene Chapter Show

The Eugene Chapter Show

Although the number of entries this year was down because of the prolonged cold, rainy weather, balmy weather on show day encouraged more than 6,000 visitors to tour the exhibit area.

Dan Morris, president of the Eugene chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, said the show drew 550 cut trusses and 33 plants this year, compared with some 800 trusses and about 115 plants entered in last year's show. Visitors included a group of 66 rhododendron enthusiasts from New Zealand, who made a three-day stop in Eugene on their tour of West Coast shows.

Winner of seven of fourteen silver trophies and awards was Harold Greer, Eugene.

Harold Greer, a major winner at the Eugene Show
Fig. 62.  Harold Greer, a major winner at the Eugene Show.
Photo by Dan Morris
Recording winners at Eugene Show. Judging Eugene Flower Show.
Fig. 63.  Phil Tilman recording winners at
the Eugene Chapter Show.  This is an
outdoor show and the method of display is
unique.  The slat panels provide a pleasing
background and temper wind movement.
The containers are firmly held on the shelves
and the blooms displayed  to good advantage
with "everyone in the front row.
Photo by Dan Morris
Fig. 34.  Judges Howard Slonecker of Oak
Grove, Ore., and John Henny of Brooks, Ore.,
work hard at their job of judging the Eugene
Chapter Show as recorder Phil Tillman waits
Photo by Dan Morris

The complete list of silver trophy and award winners:

  • Register-Guard Trophy: Best Plant in Show - Harold Greer, Eugene; Cotton Candy (sister seedling).
  • Phetteplace Trophy: Best Species Truss (single or spray) - Milt Walker, Creswell, yunnanense .
  • Allumbaugh Trophy: Best truss in Show - Karl Kruk, Eugene, 'Beauty of Littleworth'.
  • Saunders Trophy: Best Barto plant or truss - Greer, Barto fortunei Hybrid.
  • Eugene Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, Trophy: Best Collection of Exhibits - Walker, with 96 points, based on five points for a blue, three points for a red and two points for a white.
  • KVAL-TV Award; Best New American Truss - Greer, 'Trude Webster'.
  • Citizens Bank Award; Best New American Plant - Greer, 'Jean Marie de Montague' X 'Kimberly'.
  • Pacific First Federal Savings Award: Best American Truss (Hybrid) - Greer, 'Cotton Candy' (sister seedling).
  • Oregon Bank Award: Best American Plant (Hybrid in bloom) - Greer, 'Jean Marie de Montague' x 'Kimberly'.
  • Baxter and Henning Award: Best Species in Bloom - Wiston Hanke, Corvallis, R. yakushimanum .
  • Skeie's Jewelry: Best Azalea - Dee Wojniak, Springfield; 'Ward's Ruby'.
  • First National Bank Award: Best Alpine Bloom - Dr. Carl Phetteplace, R. hippophaeoides .
  • U.S. National Bank Award: Best foliage - Walker, R. falconeri .
  • Home Savings and Loan Award: Best Display - Greer, Alpine display.