QBARS - v21n4 New York Chapter Flower Shows - 1967

New York Chapter Flower Shows - 1967
May 21 and June 4 Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, NY

Forty-two enthusiastic participants in our two Shows exhibited a total of 181 entries. It was amazing to witness the entry of 191 trusses in our May 21st Show as a cold late Spring had delayed blooming time more than two weeks behind schedule. Gloom filled the atmosphere the week of the Show-how could we possibly hold a competition? Bud blast was discovered in our gardens - some of the hardiest varieties were damaged from the fluctuating temperatures of the previous months ('Nova Zembla', 'Catawbiense Album'). Early Spring had been disappointing in many gardens on Long Island as buds of R. mucronulatum and its hybrids were completely blasted.

Even the hybrids of Planting Fields Arboretum were holding back their glorious display-the buds were still tight. But, our publicity was out-and hold a show we must! The Staging Committee arrived at 8 A.M. placed a few tables in the courtyard where we hold our shows (always outdoors), filled a few dozen of our milk glass vases, and placed Class Cards about. Then a surprising thing happened-at 8:30 A.M. entries began pouring in, and they kept on coming in to our delight. Our committee worked like demons luckily May 21st was a cool day). Fortunately, Sidney Burns and Nat Hess assisted in truss identification for newer members.

The wonderful cooperation of our members was evident. Gardens had been carefully combed in order to contribute some flowers to the Show. We are grateful to each exhibitor, especially those newer members who may have cut the only bloom on their plants in order to make the Show successful.

In 1964 we established two Special Classes for New Exhibitors (Azaleas-Rhododendrons). It is restricted to those members who have never exhibited at an A.R.S. Show, and was set up to encourage newcomers who feel it is difficult competing against the more experienced exhibitors, and therefore just did not enter any material. In these classes they compete with each other, and are allowed one entry only. This experiment has proven successful, and this year sixteen new exhibitors appeared. Many had the exhilarating pleasure of receiving their first show ribbons.

Dorothy and John Knippenberg spent several hours the evening before the Show carefully selecting dozens of their prize blooms for a special conversation table exhibit. They deservedly received a Special Award, as did Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps who again displayed a group of magnificent seedlings. These two tables attracted much attention. Special Awards were also given to Sidney Burns for a plant of R. russatum X R. calostrotum and to Robert Schill for an Azalea Arrangement.

For our second Show on June 4th, we were blessed with a warm day, with much sunshine and little wind to disrupt our vases. 290 entries appeared and again our conversation tables overflowed with blooms.

We are especially thankful to our Chairman of Judges Gordon E. Jones, and to the excellent members of the panel who had a busy time judging the many entries and are to be commended: Harold Epstein, Bea Jones, Dorothy Knippenberg, John Knippenberg, Don Richardson, Robert Titus, Willet Titus, Herman Voerneveld, and Bishop von Wettberg.

Appreciation goes to our Hospitality Chairmen, Phebe and Dick Houghton, who prepared a truly royal buffet for our judges and guests; Show Photographer Joan Knapp, who will enable us to relive the highlights another clay; Show Recorders Amy and Don Madelung, Phyllis and Herbert White, and Julie Schuldes and Emil Hager: Ribbons Chairmen Julie and Henry Dumper: Staging and Information Committees: Clara Burns, Elizabeth Clawson, Terry Emmerich, Edythe Griffin, Minerva and Adolf John, Evelyn and Bruno Kaelin, Fred Knapp, Ray Kruse, Fred Santi, Robert Schill, Dorothy Schlaikjer, John Schuldes, Steve and Sue Stevens, and Doug Tonge. Special praise goes to the young members of the Kaelin, Knapp and Houghton families, who were helpful in many ways.

Much credit belongs to my Co-chairmen Eric Jorgensen and Bob Emmerich who patiently and efficiently got things done-we had a great crew of volunteers-members who care-we are grateful.

- Betty Hager, Show Chairman


  • BEST OF SHOW: 'Susan' - Henry Dumper
  • BEST AZALEA OF SHOW: 'Stewartstonian' - F. Eberstadt
  • BEST SPECIES OF SHOW: R. augustinii , Sidney Burns


  • BEST OF SHOW: 'Eureka Maid' Richard Bisso
  • BEST AZALEA OF SHOW: 'Buccaneer'-Robert Emmerich

First Prizes Were Awarded To:

  • Dorothy Baggelaar, 'Dora Amateis', R. kaempferi
  • Richard Bisso, 'Eureka Maid', 'Souv. of W. C. Slocock', 'Wheatley', R. carolinianum Azaleas: 'Old Gold', 'Ruth May', 'Koster's Brilliant Red', 'Sanderi', 'Tortoiseshell Orange'
  • Sidney Burns, 'Polar Star', 'Meadow brook', R. augustini. Azaleas: 'Addy Wery', 'Carmel', Norma', 'Troupial', 'Louise Gable', Exbury seedling
  • Mrs. R. P. Burr, 'Jacksonii', 'David Gable', R. kaempferi seedling
  • Jean Cattier, R. poukhanense
  • Henry Dumper, 'Susan', 'Beauty of Littleworth', 'Cunningham's White', 'Cynthia'
  • F. Eberstadt, 'Unique', 'Blue Diamond'. Azaleas: 'Stewartstonian', R. vaseyi
  • Robert Emmerich, Azalea: 'Buccaneer'
  • Henry Feil, 'Mrs. Betty Robertson', 'Cheer', 'Bow Bells'
  • Roswita Fisher, 'Windbeam', R. racemosum
  • Mrs. G. Fitzenrider, 'Cunningham's White'
  • Edythe Griffin, 'Parker's Pink', 'Letty Edwards', 'Mars', 'Van Nes Sensation', 'Prince Camille de Rohan'. Azaleas: 'Koster's Brilliant', 'Fedora'
  • Nathaniel Hess, 'Idealist', 'Champagne', 'David', 'Lady Bligh', 'Windbeam', 'Faggetter's Favourite', 'Chevalier Felix de Sauvage', Dexter seedlings
  • Fred Knapp, 'Black Beauty'
  • Thomas Koenig, 'Roslyn', 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Merley Cream'
  • Ray Kruse, 'America', 'Catawbiense Album', 'Dr. Rutgers'
  • William H. Long, Jr. R. fortunei, Azaleas: R. calendulaceum, Exbury azalea
  • Luis Pasotti, 'Trilby'
  • Howard Phipps, 'Jean Marie de Montague' X 'Mars'; Discolor seedling X 'Britannia'; Seedling 45 X 'Naomi'; 'Blue Peter' X 'Blue Ensign'; 'Mars' X decorum-discolor seedling; 'Mrs. Furnival' X 'Naomi'; 'Hollandia'; HP-20, HP-22, HP-76
  • Martha and Jordan Prince, 'Blue Peter'
  • Robert Schill, 'Atrosanguineum', 'Hon. Jean Marie de Montague'
  • Dorothy Schlaikjer, R. carolinianum, Dexter hybrids and Dexter seedlings
  • Julie Schuldes, 'America', 'Sappho', 'Elizabeth', 'Mrs. G. W. Leak'
  • Sue Stevens, Azalea: 'Rose Greeley'
  • J. M. Weiss, 'Bonfire', Azalea: 'Nerrisa'
  • J. D. Zimmerman, 'Britannia'. Azalea: 'Strawberry Ice'