QBARS - v21n4 Azalea 'Tashiroi Numazu Beauty'

Azalea 'Tashiroi Numazu Beauty'

In the January 1965 issue we published an article by Mr. K. Wada of Yokohama, Japan on Rhododendron tashiroi and its hybrids. In that article Mr. Wada stated that he had named one variety 'Tashiroi Hybrid Pink Pearl'. There was not time enough to correspond with Mr. Wada concerning this name and so it was printed as given in the original copy. However, the Editor did write to Mr. Wada and suggested that in view of the fact that 'Pink Pearl' is already in use for other clones, particularly a popular rhododendron variety, and a well known azalea variety, in this country, it might be wise to choose some other name which would be more in accord with the International Rules of Nomenclature. Mr. Wada gave the matter consideration and agreed that the change should be made, and so now his variety will be known as Azalea 'Tashiroi Numazu Beauty' instead of 'Pink Pearl'. He states that the name is appropriate as the plant was developed in his Numazu Nursery.

Some duplication of names is bound to occur but we believe the registration of names by the International Rhododendron Registrar, Dr. Fletcher, and by the American Rhododendron Society, is tending to make breeders more conscious of the desirability of selecting new names which conform to the International Code. We are glad to report Mr. Wada's action in this direction.