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A.R.S. Medals

At the Board of Directors' Meeting in Ashville, N.C., in May 1967, the Portland Chapter presented certain suggestions concerning the policies involved in the awarding of the American Rhododendron Society Medals, as follows

Report of the Portland Chapter Committee on Awarding of Medals:

In view of considerable uncertainty as to the grounds for awarding of the (Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals by the American Rhododendron Society, the committee has tried to define such grounds as well as possible. The resources of the memory and judgment of some of the senior members of the Society were drawn upon, including in particular Dr. Phetteplace, Dr. Clarke and John Henny, as well as the deliberations of other members of the Portland Chapter.

In reference to the Gold Medal, three minimum or basic requirements seemed fitting:

  1. That the recipient be a member of the American Rhododendron Society . If the proposed member is of a chapter other than the organization which would make the proposal, the chapter interested in seeing the member get the award should first initiate the proposal by recommendation to the local chapter of that candidate, but may proceed with the recommendation subsequently if such seems warranted.
  2. That the candidate has made an outstanding contribution to the Society . Contributions to other than the Society may be named in the award, but should assume a secondary importance in the evaluation of the candidate.
  3. That the candidate has shown an active and continued interest in the Genus Rhododendron . Other interests may be named in the award, but should be oriented with reference to rhododendrons.

In reference to the Silver Medal: This medal is to be distinguished from the Gold by lack of requirement of membership in the American Rhododendron Society. Thus, it requires only, (1) That the candidate has made an outstanding contribution to the Society, and (2) That he has shown an active interest in the Genus Rhododendron .

In reference to the Bronze Medal: The granting of this award should be relegated by the American Rhododendron Society to the decision of the local chapter entirely. It should be granted on the grounds essentially, the same as the Gold Medal, except perhaps for such qualifications as to years of work, but on contributions that the local chapter feels are of unusual merit.

Submitted by the Committee, 25 April, 1967.

Robert Ticknor

Louis Grothaus

William Robinson

S. Berthelsdorf, Chairman

The above report was approved with the following additions. 1. Receipt of one category of medal would not prevent the award of a higher medal at a future date. 2. Citations, to be paid for by the Chapter, are to be presented with the medals.

The above is now A.R.S. policy with respect to the Society's medals by action of the Board.

Note: We naturally expect to publish the names, and citations, of recipients of medals presented by the Society to honor the recipient and to inform our members. We hope that Chapters awarding the bronze medals will also send in copies of the accompanying citations, with black and white photographs if possible. - Ed.