QBARS - v22n1 New Chapter

New Chapter

It is always a great pleasure to welcome a new Chapter into the American Rhododendron Society family. We have just received a list of the Azalea Chapter Charter Members, whose names are printed under the Chapter heading in the List of New Members in this issue. Of the 30 members only eight are transfers from other Chapters, or Associate Members, which mean; they also want to continue their membership in another Chapter. Most of the members come from in and around Atlanta, Ga.

The President of the Azalea Chapter is I. O. Todd, Jr., Stone Mountain, Ga. and the Secretary is David E. Cook, Chamblee, Ga.

Many of us have felt that azaleas have never received quite the attention they deserved in the Society's meetings and publications, largely because it was hard to find qualified people willing to talk or write about them. If the Chapter's name indicates special interest in azaleas we'll hope to hear more about this very important part of the Genus Rhododendron .