QBARS - v22n1 Report of the Nominating Committee

Report of the Nominating Committee

January 17, 1969
Mr. Edward B. Dunn,
Pres. American Rhododendron Society

Dear Mr. Dunn:

Following is a report of the Nominating Committee, as directed under ARS By-Laws, Article 8, entitled, "Election of Directors." The Nominating Committee consisted of:

  • C. Edward Simons, Jr., M.D., Seattle, Washington, Chairman
  • Robert Badger, Tacoma, Washington
  • Robert Whalley, Portland, Oregon
  • James Gossler, Eugene, Oregon
  • James Beury, Jr., Philadelphia, Penn.

In order to establish the new schedule as suggested in the by-Paws, two directors are to be elected in 1968 to serve for three years and four directors for two years. Then, in the following year, with the nomination of two directors for two years and four for three years, the Society will be on the regular annual replacement schedule of four directors. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to three-year terms and the next four candidates, in order of vote-count, will be elected to two-year terms. Please vote for six (6) of the following nominees:

James Caperci , Seattle, Washington; nurseryman growing Dwarf and Alpine Rhododendrons; formerly foreman with steel industry plant.

Louis Grothaus , Lakes Oswego, Oregon; incumbent; State Highway Department, Oregon, horticulturist and Rhododendron specialist. Long-term service to Rhododendron Society.

Honore Hacanson , Puyallup, Washington; Rhododendron nursery specialist and horticulturist, housewife.

John Henny , Brooks, Oregon: incumbent; wholesale Rhododendron nurseryman and horticulturist. Long-term service to Rhododendron Society.

Frank Herrick, Ph.D. , Shelton, Washington; Research and Engineering, Rayonier Corporation, horticulturist and Rhododendron specialist.

Donald McClure , Seattle, Washington; incumbent; Savings Bank officer; long-term emphatic service to civic activities, Rhododendron Society and horticulture.

Dan Morris , Eugene, Oregon; architect, Rhododendron hobbyist; Chairman of 1968 National Convention at Eugene.

Ben Nelson , Suquamish, Washington; formerly Seattle court reporter; Rhododendron nurseryman; long-term service to Rhododendron Society: vintage Rhododendron specialist.

Merle Saunders , Eugene, Oregon; incumbent; dry-cleaning industry, Rhododendron specialist; long-term service to Rhododendron Society.

Cecil Smith , Aurora, Oregon, incumbent; seed-grass farmer and Rhododendron specialist. Long-term service to Rhododendron Society.

Thomas Wheeldon, M. D. , Richmond. Virginia; incumbent; physician and surgeon; Rhododendron nurseryman.

Respectfully submitted,
C. E. Simons, Jr., M.D.
Chairman, Nominating Committee
President, Seattle Chapter, A.R.S.