QBARS - v22n1 Rare and Unusual Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Rare and Unusual Rhododendrons and Azaleas

As the rhododendron "bug" bites deeper the rhododendron buff reads more widely and often becomes interested in some variety, form, or species which he would like to use for breeding, or to round out a collection, or just observe because it sounds interesting. As he becomes more deeply involved in collecting the unusual it becomes more difficult to find the wanted plant material.

As a service to its members the A. R. S. is instituting a "column" in which "want lists" will be published. It is suggested that readers first obtain the price lists of those nurserymen who advertise in the Bulletin and purchase the plants they want if they are available. Lists which contain names of varieties or species known to be available in the nursery trade may be returned to the sender for revision.

Nurserymen who have any of the material wanted, or members who might be willing to furnish propagating material as a friendly gesture, or on a swap basis, are encouraged to contact those submitting want lists.

Names of unusual plants wanted should be submitted to The Editor, The American Rhododendron Society Bulletin, Long Beach, Washington, 98631.