QBARS - v22n1 American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

Note: It is proposed to print the names and brief description of new American varieties which meet the requirements for registration. The names must be accompanied by descriptions of the varieties and must meet the requirements of the International Registration Authority (Dr. H. R. Fletcher, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland) before they are eligible for A.R.S. registry.  Only clones will be registered, no group names. In the formula giving the parentage, the female parent is written first. We hope, whenever possible to indicate the probable size of the bush at 10 years of age. Unless otherwise specified the person's name, following the cross, indicates the one who made the cross, did the selecting, and introduced, or plans to introduce the variety.  Breeders are urged to submit proposed names to the Registrar of the A.R.S., Dr. I. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash., before they are actually used. There are thousands of names already in use and a name to be registered must not have been used before and must meet the other requirements of the A.R.S. Code of Nomenclature.

CONNIE STANTON - 'Princess Elizabeth' X 'Boule de Neige', raised and introduced by Ernest N. Stanton, Westcroft Gardens, Grosse Ile, Mich. Plant 30" X 30", compact; leaves 4" long, dark green. Flowers watermelon pink, to 3" across. Flower shape and truss similar to 'Boule de Neige'. Midseason.

OTTO HOMDAHL - 'Butterfly' x R. ponticum , raised and introduced by I. Owen Ostbo, Bellevue, Wash. Plant 4' tall in 10 years, compact; leaves oval to elliptic, 4" long by 1¾" wide with (lark maroon petioles. Flowers open funnel shaped, to 3" across and 1¼" deep, creamy yellow (RHS color chart yellow group 4D) with crimson flecks on upper corolla lobes, calyx lobes ⅜" long, reddish in color, pedicels to 2" long, red. Truss rounded, open but not loose, with 15 to 16 flowers. Blooms end of May.