QBARS - v22n1 The Program Committee Reports

The Program Committee Reports
by Mervin B. Vater, Chm.

The Program Committee for the American Rhododendron Society Convention, to be held in Eugene, May 12-14, included the following members: Mervin B. Vater, Chm., Dr. Milton Walker, Ellis Jones, Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Robert Comerford.

We spent some time working on a theme for the Convention and then in finding sound speakers to carry out the theme.

We knew that there are quite a few modern day expeditions going on around us, so we felt that the information being gathered should be presented to the membership; as a result, the theme will hinge on Modern Day Rhododendron Expeditions.

Our three main speakers have been spending considerable time in traveling to search out new things in Rhododendrons. Dr. Mossman, of Vancouver, Washington, will present his research on Oregon azaleas, R. occidentale . His finding should be of great interest to those from the East. Mr. Frank Doleshy has just returned from Japan and will be our Monday night speaker. Dr. Creech of the U. S. D. A., from Beltsville, Maryland, will have just returned from Taiwan, and will speak on Evergreen Azaleas.

We have also fitted in two sessions for the morning on Monday and Tuesday, from 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. We definitely feel that those speaking could all be headliners, but there just is not enough time, but they have consented to present some of the most interesting and different things of today. Our committee is quite excited about the morning sessions, and we feel we are adding a little drama.

The afternoons each day-Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, will be for visiting the numerous gardens in our area. We are hoping to keep the groups small so there can be more personal attention to all those present.

We suggest that you come out and enjoy some of the Oregon Hospitality.