QBARS - v22n2 Rhododendron Descriptions

Rhododendron Descriptions

It is hoped that our members will read the variety descriptions in 'Rhododendron Information" critically, and make notes this spring looking towards still further revisions in the next A. R. S. book. Descriptions and suggested ratings of many new American varieties are especially needed.

We have comments from Robert Bovee about certain varieties. He feels that the color of 'Carolyn Grace' should have been left as light green rather than primrose yellow as it is given in "Rhododendron Information." It is listed as chartreuse green in "Rhododendrons for Your Garden."

'Marine' P.A., a selected form of R. augustinii , was listed in the book as having been produced by Bovee. It was one of a flat of seedlings purchased from Barto by Henry Swanson, grown by Swanson for many years and purchased by the Bovees about 1950. Although given a hardiness rating of +5°. It survived -15° in 1949-50 with loss of buds but very little other damage and was not damaged in 1955. The color given in the Oct., 1960 Bulletin is strong purple shading to light purple. Mr. Bovee feels this is a much more accurate description than that of lavender blue as given in "Rhododendron Information."

'Sausalito' P. A. was listed in the Jan. 1968, Bulletin as raised by Robert Bovee. It should have been listed as "Cross made by John Henny about 1950, grown by the Bovees."