QBARS - v22n2 Photos Unrelated to Text: Rock #112, R. calophytum, R. taggianum & R. oreotrephes

Photos Unrelated to Text

Rock #112 R. calophytum
Fig. 17.  Rock #112 blooming for the first time in
the  garden of Carl Phetteplace, M.D. at Eugene,
OR. This plant is 20 years old from seed and is as
yet unidentified. It has beautiful deep green foliage
with tight plastered indumentum (like R. lacteum )
and a pale yellow flower.
Photo by Carl Phetteplace, M.D.
Fig. 18.  A 40 year old pink R. calophytum , from
Barto, in the garden of Carl Phetteplace, M.D.  It is
about 13 ft. high and 16 to 18 ft. across. It usually
blooms in mid March, with 20 to 32 flowers to the
Photo by Carl Phetteplace, M.D.

R. taggianum

Fig. 24.  Flowers of R. taggianum , a member to the
Maddenii Series, tender although it comes from an altitude
of 7-11,000 ft. on the Burma-Tibet frontier.  Photo taken in
cool house on Crystal Springs Island by Cecil Smith.

R. wightii

R. oreotrephes

Fig. 31. R. wightii , of the Lacteum Series.
This species is one parents of 'China'.
Photo by Cecil Smith
Fig. 32. R. oreotrephes in full bloom.
Photo by Cecil Smith